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Thursday, September 20, 2007

$1900 at ikea, check.

oh, yes. even at the mecca of cheap home furnishings, we managed to rack up a 4-digit bill. the hub took one look at the ginormous pile of flat boxes in the truck and wanted to know why they couldn't throw in a swedish guy to assemble it all.

but we picked up a shitload of furniture. the entire wall/changing table system, wooden blinds, and a comfy chair for the nursery, a chest of drawers for our room, another one plus a mirror and bookcase for the kid, and a bunch of other odds and ends. it should look quite fabulous when it's all done. i wonder when that'll be.

i get to see the doctor again today. i'm dying to see what the scale will say this time, a week later. and one of my oldest and dearest friends is coming over for a visit, which will be nice because i haven't seen her since about the 9-week mark of this pregnancy. yay!

i so enjoyed nanette's post on monday about her make-up collection that i'm thinking i'll do one of my own tomorrow, if i don't get inspired enough to add it on for today. along with being a shopping/paper/handbag/everything else girly whore, i'm a total make-up whore too. shocker, ain't it? stay tuned.


  1. Nearly all the furnitures in our home came from Ikea too :)

  2. Hope the doc appt. went well! Sounds like you got some major shopping done today!

  3. when i moved in with william, i didn't budget for what i called my "ikea mortgage". man do we love that place.


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