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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

stupid electric company.

i spent a good three hours sitting in the dark last night. prime time, too - from 8 till 11! i was right in the midst of some good old "friends" episodes on tbs and had just returned from grabbing dinner. i was sitting here munching and reading reviews on chowhound, when bzzzzzzt! the power cut out. frankly, as annoyed as i was at the inconvenience, i was a little surprised that it hadn't happened sooner. these 100+ degree temperatures over the last week or so have been a major power drain in the l.a. area, so we were bound to fall victim to an outage at some point.

as i sat at my desk, frozen in denial, the lights blinked on again - and i decided to light a couple of candles, just in case. and good thing, too, because the reprieve lasted for all of about 90 seconds.

my poor molly was terrified. she slunk around the house with tail tucked between her legs, looking up at me mournfully as i used the light from my cell to find the hub's ginormous mag-lite. i found more candles to light, and it was quite romantical. too bad it was just me. me and the dog.

we sat on the couch together for a while, looking at each other in the flickering candlelight, and then i got bored. so what did i do? i got up, found even more candles, and went into the other room to get some packing done. hey, i'd been putting off doing it because there were always other things to entertain me - all of which were currently unavailable to me. i managed to get all the DVDs and games packed in boxes before i ran out of steam. doesn't sound like much, but that was about five boxes worth! and then i was hot.

but i'm a pretty resourceful kinda girl when i need to be. i remembered that, per the childbirth class instructor's instructions, i'd picked up one of these handy dandy mini fans at bed bath and beyond. i waddled my sweaty ass into the bedroom, fished it out of the bag, fumbled for some AA batteries, and within seconds i was cooling down nicely. at some point the hub called to check on me (i'd sent him a text to bitch about the blackout), and i called the power company to see if they had any updated information on how long i'd be stuck with nothing to do. of course, there was NOTHING. hmph.

i sat at my desk, surrounded by candles, cooling off via mini fan, and reading a magazine by flashlight till the power finally came back on. SCE decided it would be fun to tease me a bit, so it went out and came back on a few times, but they got bored of that pretty quickly. i tucked myself into bed, set the sleep timer on the tv, and went to sleep a happy camper.

now it's 4:30 and what am i doing? i'm sitting here wide awake, blogging. and why? because the bean decided it would be fun to have a dance party in my belly. i hope she's got better moves than her mom, at least.


  1. Aw man, I remember those days. Bam-Bam just wanted to see how much he could PISS ME OFF rigt as I was entering into a good night of sleep. That and that damn heartburn.
    We got hit with the blackouts last week.

  2. Your baby totally has a tiny little DDR mat inside your womb.

  3. Oh no! Pregnant and in the dark? No bueno, my dear! And poor Molly. Thank goodness it's cooling down

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  5. Yay for mini-fan! Boo to electric company.

  6. I am impressed by the mini fan purchase! Way to be prepared!


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