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Friday, September 7, 2007

so. much. to. do.

i'm sneaking in a quickie post while the hub snores away on the couch next to me. because if i don't do it now, i won't get to post again for DAYS. we're getting an early start on what's going to be a ridiculously packed weekend. here's what's on tap:

  • packing
  • printing for a couple of wedding jobs i've got to get done
  • more packing
  • picking up textbooks at the kid's school
  • setting up utilities for the new casa
  • picking up the kid from school
  • getting a mani/pedi for "baby shower weekend extravaganza"
  • even more packing
  • stopping at candy warehouse to scoop up candy buffet goods

  • "labor and delivery" class at the hospital
  • picking up dot's mini cupcakes for baby shower #1
  • heading out to manhattan beach to party like a rock star (or, as close as a woman with child can get)
  • most likely, more packing
  • laundry. i won't have the chance to do it again till after the big move.
  • church
  • hopefully, packing will be done by now
  • perhaps a nap? please?
  • put all the crap in the car and get my ass to altadena country club
  • yay for baby shower #2! it'll be a bit more refined. it's a country club, after all. no rock star-ness here.
  • get the kid ready for the upcoming school week
boy, oh boy. it's gonna be quite the interesting weekend. and then the movers will be here bright and early on monday morning. although by that time, i'll be sitting in the empty house, waiting for the utility service people to show up. and hopefully, i can get all the printing done and my office supplies packed in my car so that i can get some work accomplished while i sit there for four hours. with my luck, they'll all get there right at the end of the allotted timeframe. isn't that ALWAYS how that works?

the saddest part is that the ONE utility company i really need - cable and internet, of course - isn't going to be at the house until WEDNESDAY. i'm going to be without tv and the world wide web for three whole days. how on earth will i survive??


  1. maybe the lack of tv/internet will bore you into unpacking!

    enjoy the "other" baby showers. ;)

  2. 3 days? 3 days?! Get thee to a library m'dear. ;) Good luck with the packing, moving, and million other things. :)

  3. Ok, I'm just completely out of the loop. You're moving? Where? Do you need help? What shower? Where?

    Now enough with that. Take it easy, congrats, and I'll be sending you a "new house" gift.

  4. um, i'm sorry, but i'm gonna say it: you need to hurry up with all this stuff you're doing because i need your blog. hear me? ok then. i miss youuuuuuuuuuuu.

  5. so, you're trying to say that you're not busy, right? ;) glad to know that it all went well and that you're still standing.


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