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Sunday, September 30, 2007


yes, i'm due today. no, the bean's not yet here, and there are absolutely no signs of her making an appearance anytime soon.

and no, i'm not talking about going over to the dark side of theknot.com.

oh no, the nesting i'm referring to is what my friend mrs. shorty cake mentioned in her comment on friday's post. when labor is coming, pregnant women often get this urge to get as much done around the house as possible - cleaning, organizing, laundry, etc. of course, the hub has been looking forward to this happening to me for YEARS. heh. doesn't say much for my housekeeping abilities, eh?

anyway, i think he's actually been bitten by the nesting bug much harder than i have. yeah, i've been pretty busy around the house lately, trying to make sure everything is ready and stuff. but HE'S been nuts! painting, rearranging furniture, and my favorite part - nesting of the retail sort:

yesterday, we decided to take WeeMo's advice and see if we could get assembly service from ikea for the wall unit we'd bought for the bean's room. after spending a good chunk of last friday night putting together two chests of drawers, the hub wasn't looking forward to opening another twelve boxes with extensive assembly required. and of course, walking into ikea always entails actually going through the entire maze. which, of course, leads to purchasing more items.

but they were having a really great special - if you spent $399 on sofa seating, they'd give you a $75 gift card. and we needed a couple of new couches. oh, and let's not forget blinds for the nursery and a desk for the kid. we ended up walking out of there with delivery and assembly guys scheduled to arrive this afternoon, armed with tools to assemble the desk and wall unit, plus drop off no less than THREE couches. well, with the three $75 gift cards we got, that desk was damn near free. how could we pass up something like THAT?

then, we swung into babies r'us to pick up a few items - the crib now actually has a mattress, and i'm the proud new owner of a hospital-grade breast pump. fun stuff! i know you're jealous.

but were we done? noooooo. off we went to meet up with MIL and check out the giant living spaces store in rancho cucamonga. and from there, we ended up with a new bed and a dining set - and now we'll be all set to host thanksgiving at our casa. heh. and THAT stuff is coming this afternoon too.
it's going to be fun watching all these guys coming and going into our house, while the hub is trying to get a wall painted in the family room. yes, more painting.

oh, and we managed to sneak in a movie with MIL after the furniture shopping extravaganza. we saw "the kingdom" with jamie foxx, jennifer garner, chris cooper and jason bateman. i really hadn't had any interest in seeing it, but it turned out to be a pretty entertaining flick. and it makes us look at the news stories about the bombings in the middle east in a different light.

a quick dinner at pei wei capped off our busy nesting day. and today is a new day! phew, i'm tired thinking of all the shit on our plate today.


  1. i want to see that movie. i love me some jgar and mr. foxx.

    sounds like the house is about set :)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! and what did you mean, not even close to coming??? hooray! yay!!!!!

  3. wow, i can't believe you did all that and still had time for a movie.

  4. Congrats! I too find the 'not even close' comment hilarious


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