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Saturday, September 15, 2007

"you take pictures of the oddest shit."

truer words were never spoken.

the hub was perusing my iPhoto library and came across the random ass photos that i love to put in this blog. now, most of you are aware that he's not particularly thrilled about my blogging addiction, i think. he doesn't really get the need for an online diary of sorts - to me, it's just fun. to him, it's just unnecessary. so i just continue, never talk about it, and life is peachy.

but i do love to include visual aids in my posts whenever possible. it just makes it THAT much more interesting, yes? at least it gives y'all something to look at when i'm rambling on about nothing. like now!

i've always been a sucker for silly gift-shop novelties. here's my latest acquisition, which i tested out in the kitchen this morning. i was craving a lovely pb&j for breakfast, and i miraculously found this little toy in a box, which i'd bought last week:

oh yes. it'll cut the crusts off, slice the sandwich in quarters, and seal the edges. i can make my very own homemade uncrustables!

i made my sandwich:

opened my new toy, and pressed down hard - and learned the hard way that i'd been a little too generous with my pb & j:

oh, well. i poured myself a nice cold glass of milk and dug in. the hub glanced over, shook his head in amusement, and said "crustless sandwich, huh? can i have the crusts?"

too bad for him. i'd already tossed 'em in the trash. oops.

and that's my exciting saturday morning. ta-da!


  1. Why I too have this "toy"
    It comes in handy since my daugther is all anti-crust social.

  2. Forget "taking pictures of the oddest shit." You own and use the oddest shit!

  3. Hey! I love crustless sandwiches! If you want sandwiches just like those crust less ones you can purchase check this out! '

    I love mine!

  4. *whispers* i want this toy - where can I get one?!?

  5. You are so funny, woman. Only you would purchase such an item! And I'm with him on this one... I can appreciate the sandwich cut up, but on PB&J you NEED to have the crusts!

  6. haha funny entry! nice guilty pleasure... ;)

  7. This is too funny :) I don't know how you buy stuff like this.

  8. i'm cracking up over here! hilarious :)


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