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Monday, September 3, 2007

hey, this is post #101.

oops. i didn't even notice yesterday that i'd hit the 100-post mark! i mean, this is me, the girl who celebrates monthiversaries, our dating-versary, engagement-versary...i've even been known to wake up the hub with a big smackeroo on the date of our first kiss. yeah. oh, well.

[throwing happy 100-post confetti] yay!

so i was reading my buddy tater's new blog and clicked on her link for vanilla bake shop in santa monica. when the site came up, i literally gasped at the photo on their home page (now remember, i'm a major goober) because i recognized the girl as julie marie berman, who plays lulu spencer on "general hospital". i've been watching GH since the 5th grade, even before luke and laura's wedding. yup, i'm one of *those*. i've even attended the soap opera digest awards ceremony a few times. mm-hmm.

and so, of course i scoured the rest of the site to see if there were any more photos, or to figure out if there was a connection between this new cupcakery and lulu. looks like perhaps the owner is her sister, or a cousin. in any case, it lit a fire under my ass to check out the goods - baked goods, that is.

i went back to altadena country club on saturday to check out the other two rooms that became available for next weekend's baby shower, and gave the coordinator the dumbest blank stare EVER when she asked "do you have a cake?" um, duh! what's a party without CAKE??

one of my favorite local sweet spots, dot's cupcakes, isn't open on sundays, so that's out. sprinkles is simply too far away, and besides, i'm not really feeling the desire to stand in line in the sun for at least 30 minutes to pick them up. but vanilla IS open...and although they're pretty far away from altadena, my friend nanette lives in santa monica! i just dropped her an e-mail and e-begged her for a favor, and she's graciously consented to picking up some "cupcake babies" on her way to the shower. yay!

hmmm. we're going to eat cupcake babies at a baby shower. does that mean we'll be cannibals?

and now i'm thoroughly craving a cupcake. but today's supposed to set records for heat, and i'm just not in the mood to go out anywhere. so i find myself settling for these instead:

and you know what, they aren't bad. not bad at all. i better go get some milk.


  1. I have been craving cupcakes all weekend, too! But, I cannot be bothered to leave the a/c. :) Ah, well...

  2. This solidifies it. You and your soap-opera-watching self are the quintessential SAHM.

    If Jonathan Swift is quoted at the shower, do you think anyone will get it?

  3. Today my thai cali girl friend and I dressed up and scared the "tourists" at the local Renaissance faire. Fun times, but it was too hot out to do much. ;)

    Do you ever find yourself making up words from the a-hattery of letters from the "security code"?

  4. i think nanette needs to swing by the lbc on her way to altadena to drop some babies off. because i inspired you and helped you find some soap star on a bakery's website, ya know. ;)

  5. Aww, you shoulda dropped me a line -- I would have gone to Sprinkles for you :)

  6. We drove by the Vanilla Back Shop today, but my husband wasn't into going...I can't wait to experience their cupcakes!!

  7. Nanette should perhaps make a stop at my place before going to Tater's . . . it's on the way, just sayin'.

  8. vanilla bakeshop hmmm? guess i'll just add it to my list of places i've got to check out.


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