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Friday, September 14, 2007

i'm baaaaaaack!

and thank god for that. i tell you, not having access to the internet was like losing a damn eye. or something like that. a few days ago, i took the kid over to her BFF's house to hang out and BFF said "you want to check your emails while you're here?"

i was on it like a crack whore getting a fix. like, i wanted to tongue-kiss that computer. but i restrained myself and was on just long enough to e-mail a couple of clients and pay a couple of bills. i eyed the rest of the fun-looking emails longingly and logged off before i could get sucked into opening 'em all.

so we're all moved. and by "moved", i mean that all our shit is in the new house - by no means should you take that as "we're all unpacked and settled". i'm fully terrified of how long it's going to take for us to get to that point. the walls are much more of a disaster than we originally thought, and hubzilla wants to get them fixed and painted before we can move furniture in and unpack everything. so for the meantime, we're living out of suitcases and trying to do what we can, which ain't much.

last weekend's baby shower extravaganza was fabulous. exhausting as hell, but lots and lots of fun! the bean and i scored on a whole lot of gear, which currently looks like this:

and because we still haven't ordered the nursery furniture, only god knows how long it'll take for us to get THAT pile sorted out and settled. heh.

here are a few of the pro pics taken at the MIL's shower on sunday - sarah did a fabulous job and i can't thank her enough for these lovely photos!

as we perused the teaser pics from sarah, the kid exclaimed "OMG, mom, you're ginormous!" thanks, babe. love ya. :X

i picked up a box of goodies from dot's for the shower at my mom's. these are the minis, in red velvet and chocolate cheesecake (my new favorite flavor, btw. you MUST try it, it's so scrumptiously delicious):

and this is the fabulously soft blanket that my mom knitted for the bean. i'm hoping i managed to shrink this down enough to hide my sweatiness:

so for this week's belly pic, i managed to find a top that i'd completely forgotten i had. it still had the tags on it and everything - funny what you find when you're packing your life into boxes. and thank goodness, too, because i'm finding that the rest of my clothes that have served me so well over the last few months are simply getting too damn small. the hub and the kid both pointed and laughed at me at some point this week because inevitably the belly was a-peekin' out from the bottom of whatever top i happened to have on.

the countdown is at 2.5 weeks. crap. and the background is different now, although not much different from the rest. still boring white wall. ha! at least i'm consistent.


  1. I still can't get over how great you look. Look at those small little legs! Good luck with the unpacking. That part sucks more than moving it from one place to the other.

  2. The interweb has missed you, Wan! Glad to have ya back!

  3. You look great. It's getting so close! Exciting!!

  4. yayyyyy! my threat must have worked! by the way, you are NOT ginormous! you are like the skinniest pregnant woman i have ever seen!m

  5. Yay on all counts! The shower pics look great!


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