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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

just another day.

i had to make a paper source run today, and after the cupcake talk of the other day, decided to stop at violet's cakes and give 'em a second chance. the first time i went, i wasn't particularly impressed, but i was right there, y'know. it was practically CALLING to me!

$100+ at paper source later, i pulled into a fabulous parking spot right in front of violet's. i glanced at the sign on my way in and realized i'd gotten there one teeny, tiny little hour before they closed. i was afraid this meant there wouldn't be much to pick from, but i was happy to see that the selection was still fairly decent. i really wanted to try out their french toast flavor, but i was shit outta luck. boo. i can't remember them all now, but there was chocolate/chocolate, vanilla, something called south pacific, an apple caramel, and my mind blanks out after that.

i ended up with these lovely little gems: red velvet, s'mores, vanilla lemon buttercream, and chocolate peanut butter.

i decided to stop and pick up a salad so that i could justify (to myself, of course) the cupcakes. heh. i feel so much better about myself that way. you know, like how i always make sure i wash down those cookies or that twinkie with a nice tall glass of ice cold nonfat milk. calci-yum, indeed. are you buying this? yeah, the hub never does, either.

while waiting for my salad, i decided i'd press on in my pursuit to complete the hospital bag(s) that are supposed to be packed and ready at the door. mm-hmm. among other things, i still needed a bathrobe and some kind of nightgown - which isn't really necessary, but if i can get out of wearing that horrific ass-baring hospital gown, i'm all over it. but i should've known better than to hope that mervyn's would have anything good - every nightgown was either some kind of synthetic silky satin, or some horrific cotton flowery job that any 65-year-old in bifocals and support hose would be proud to sport. and the bathrobes! they weren't much better - and the majority of them were so big, thick, and fluffy that i was sweating just looking at 'em. ick.

i left mervyn's predictably empty-handed, picked up my salad, and went home to have lunch. the salad probably would have been better had i not been drooling over the cupcakes, so i gave up and dug into the red velvet.

violet's cupcakes always look like the handiwork of a 6-year-old helping her mommy make treats for her class. they're definitely not the sophisticated, modern products from, say, sprinkles or dot's. nor do they quite carry the sophisticated, modern price tag - $2.25 apiece vs. $3+. the frosting is globbed on like they used a big ol' spoon to do the job, and the colored sprinkles are tossed on almost as an afterthought.

but i have to admit, the cupcake is pretty damn good. it's *gulp* moist and just the right texture, and the frosting is sweet but not overly so. i think i managed to inhale the whole thing in about five bites. and now i want to eat another one.

eff it. the hub doesn't have to know i bought four, right?


  1. I'm sorry, but those cupcakes are SO not cute, and I'm gagging at the hideous combo of deep purple and red. :P

    Good to know at least they taste good! You will chuckle at my next post. It's like we share a brain. I won't get to blogging until late tonight, as usual, though.

  2. Hmmm, I could use a cupcake right about now.

  3. i'll be over later tonight to help polish those off.

    my experience there was rather lackluster, but i must admit they were tasty enough for the lower price.

  4. hi cupcake twin! great minds think alike, you know. also, to borrow a phrase from my sister: it's unamerican to leave paper source without spending $100. (she actually said it about target, but you get the drift). i love that store so much. but it's a total money suck!

  5. Now why didn't you tell me this sooner when I was craving for a cupcake???

    Heh. I'm gonna have to go tomorrow. It'll be perfect, I'll hit up PS w/ my pretty letter pressed gift certificate.

  6. Enough with the cupcakes!!

    Teehee, I'm happy you enjoyed. Hopefully you have better luck with the hospital bag. Mervyn's does suck.

  7. I won't a cupcake so bad right now!

  8. okay, these cupcake posts are not helping with my resolve to start eating better. thanks a lot! ;)


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