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Friday, September 21, 2007

it takes A LOT to look this good.


okay, as mentioned in yesterday's post, my friend nanette has inspired me to evaluate my current make-up collection. i've been wearing make-up on a regular basis since the 8th grade. i started with the basic drugstore brands like maybelline and cover girl, putting it on while walking to the bus stop and then whipping out the make-up remover wipes on the way home. of course, i had every kind of bonne bell lip gloss and wore jean nate every day, too. moms wasn't too thrilled with me when she found out, and i remember the lecture on how she didn't start wearing any until she was in college.

obviously, i'm not my mother. hell, i'm also the girl who, later that year, entered the junior miss pageant for my city JUST so she would have to let me start shaving my legs! on the other hand, my mother is like mr. bigglesworth - she's never had to shave a day in her life. i guess that's why she couldn't relate.

it didn't take too much longer after getting busted with the contraband cosmetics before i was finally able to wear it openly without any more lectures or disapproving looks. while getting ready to be a co-maid-of-honor in a family wedding, mom took note of my application skills and even had me do her face for her. after that, it was all good and i didn't have to sneak my carefully made-up mug out of the house anymore.

so in the years between the 8th grade and now, i've pretty much tried a whole sephora store's worth of brands and formulations. my first foray into department store brands was with a line called ultima II - the nakeds. the colors were gorgeous, the products smelled good, and i felt quite grown-up as i forked over the cash i worked so hard for cashiering at target. i also made a beeline to the mall whenever clinique had their fun gift-with-purchase specials, but i never really got into their stuff. AND, i ditched the jean nate in favor of the most fabulous perfume of the 80's - giorgio beverly hills. mmm, i smelled goooooood. heh. i rocked that perfume with my guess jeans (with the zippers at the ankles, of course) and my western fringed leather jacket. i'd post a picture, but i don't want to break the internet.

fast-forward to current day - my makeup drawer now consists of a fun mixture of stila, nars, MAC, bobbi brown, and my newest favorite, laura mercier. my buddy A turned me on to her stuff and i absolutely love it.

my daily routine, also known as laura mercier's "flawless face" (as taught by the gurus at the nordstrom counter) goes a little something like this:

  • laura mercier skin perfecting water, in light. the line "hydrating water" on the bottle always cracks me up - because, of course, one must be told what water does. whatever. i bought it on ebay at less than half of retail, and it smells good. i probably wouldn't buy it again, but i was on a laura mercier buying spree. anyway, you put it on a cotton pad and swipe it all over your face and neck. it feels lovely. like scented water. :X
  • target brand under-eye serum. i was told by several different makeup artists that this area was prone to dryness, which would lead to other problems, which would then lead to premature aging. um, okay. at least i didn't let myself get suckered into the $50 stuff they were pushing.
  • urban decay's eyeshadow potion. this stuff is MAGIC - it makes my eyeshadow last all. day. long. 'nuff said.
  • laura mercier's foundation primer, the oil-free version. i'm not really sure if it's actually helping my make-up to last longer, because i'm a sweaty monkey, but i use it anyway. i happened to mention to the girl that i'd been using smashbox's photo finish primer and her eyes bugged out - apparently, that stuff is really meant for photo shoots and things, not everyday use. "you're putting SILICONE on your face every day!" quelle horreur!
  • laura mercier's tinted moisturizer, in almond. i like to use tinted moisturizer vs. foundation in the warmer months, and i usually end up just using it until it's gone before i switch back to regular foundation - usually MAC's studio fix, because i'm lazy and i can slap that stuff on in seconds.
  • laura mercier's undereye concealer, followed by the secret brightening powder. i'm not sure why it's such a secret, but it does help brighten up that area.
  • laura mercier's translucent loose setting powder, applied with the fluffy $12 velour puff. SUCKER!
  • laura mercier's cheek colour in "rose petal", topped with the shimmer bloc in "pink mosaic". the nars girl told me once that a completely matte face is aging, so i always put a little bit of shimmer on because god knows the last thing i want is to look my age.
  • laura mercier's creme shadow - i go with "basic caramel" all over my lid and then "basic chocolate" on the crease. i could be putting in a little extra work with some fun shadows, but i'm usually too lazy. this stuff works really well and it's really easy to deepen the shade later, for going out to dinner or whatever. i do throw on a little bit of MAC's "grain" satin shadow under my brow, just for kicks.
  • stila's kajal eye liner pencil in "tiger's eye"
  • shu uemura's celebrated eyelash curler
  • maybelline "full and soft" mascara - waterproof. remember, i'm pregnant and hormonal, and everything from a fluffy white cloud in the sky to a kodak commercial makes me tear up these days.
  • laura mercier's lip polish and conditioner
  • laura mercier's lip colour in "pink champagne", lined with stila's lip pencil no. 2, and topped with laura mercier's lip plumper gloss in "wildberry".
hey, i warned you - read my subject line again. but i've got this routine down - it seriously takes me around 5-7 minutes to get through it all. i'm also not one to take long showers - i'm usually done in about the same amount of time. and yes, i emerge from the bathroom completely clean. i even smell good - courtesy of philosophy's powdered sugar cookie shower gel.

if you've managed to read this far, you get to see this week's belly pic. what a treat for you! yesterday's appointment revealed that i gained no extra poundage in the last week, the baby is measuring perfectly (although i'm not sure exactly what that means, numbers-wise), and she hasn't yet dropped (which was obvious to me as i'm still gasping for breath vs. breathing like a normal human). i'm nowhere near labor at this point - YAY! stay in there a little longer, bean. i'm not quite ready for you yet.


  1. I almost fell of my chair at the mention of "ultima II cosmetics." I totally had the nakeds too!! Hahaha, I loved my little beige compact :). I looove Laura Mercier...I think I bought the whole counter too!

  2. what an upscale sophisticated mix of brands =)

    believe it or not i own the newer version of the guess jeans with the ankle zipper...it sucks that the 80s look is back, but i do love the skinny jeans.

  3. Wow. Laura REALLY suckered you in, eh? ;)

    My entire makeup collection consists of those three Laura products I blogged about, three MAC lip colors, one Smashbox eyeshadow duo, and one tube of Clinique mascara.

    That's it.

    No wonder I look like shit every day. Whee!

  4. I <3 your preggo pics, you are so freaking cute!

    O, and my cosmetics consist of various flavors of lip smackers =)

  5. thank you thank you THANK YOU for having a really long makeup entry. god that makes me feel so much better. seriously.
    also. you are the cutiest pregnant woman. seriously.

  6. i need to make you my makeup personal shopper and get a few lessons from you. it takes me 5-7 minutes to do about 1/10 of that (foundation/powder in one, eyes, blush, gloss).

    it just took me 2 years to get through philosophy's cafe latte. i am now working on cinnamon rolls (to cinnamon-y for me, it turns out). sugar cookie may be next.

  7. You always looks so pulled together. Now I know why! :)

  8. I love this post. I will have to check out some of your goods next time I am at Nordie's!

  9. Sheesh, you need to publish an instruction manual! I am a loyal MAC fan. I don't mess around with that other stuff.

    Please post a picture, I promise the internet will behave!

    Hope you're feeling well, mama!


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