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Monday, September 17, 2007

just call me shamu.

so here we are, two weeks before the big due date, and what did i do on saturday?

shop for maternity clothes.

and why? because i'm finding that i no longer fit properly into my other pregnant-woman attire. i seriously look like this:

large and freakin' in charge. the hub looked at what i was wearing and was like, "um, do you want to go shopping?" normally, those words would have me jumping for joy, but ugh. i tried to console myself by remarking that i'd still be wearing some of these clothes for a little while after the bean comes. but that only reminded me that even after giving birth, i'm still going to look about 5 months pregnant (which is normal, but what a shitty deal). uh...yay.


  1. Shamu is pretty cute, and, if Shamu doesn't like something, Shamu will just eat it. Shamu wins!

  2. I love Shamu.
    I love you.
    Shamu rocks.... so do you!

    Yay for only 2 weeks until you blog about the bean. ;)

  3. Whatever. I think you are are a super cute preggers lady!

    And Shamu is precious. :)

  4. dear, you are still absolutely adorable as a preggers. hope you found some comfy new clothes :)


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