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Saturday, June 7, 2008

the bean, mobile version

holy shit! check it out:

yesterday afternoon, she finally figured out that if she moves her arms AND her legs, she can get places. yay! but oh, mah baby's growin' up. mah baby!

and the journey continues...


  1. so stinking cute...next thing you knoz, she's going to be talking on that thing!

  2. um, that should be knoW. I'm typing on a non-english keyboard, it's not easy...

  3. Have you signed her up for her first marathon yet?

  4. Just like a girl...going for the phone :) See, she was watching closely

  5. Yay! She's mobile in more ways than one! Get it? ::tapping mic:: Is this thing on? ;)

  6. Awwww too cute! I love how I can see the bean's progress even from across the country :)

  7. Words from the childless:
    "That's it? She grabbed a phone?"

    Courtesy of Mr. Monkey.

    No wonder I love him so much. ;)

  8. She's moving! She's moving!

    Very exciting milestone, my dear! Go bean!

  9. duuuude. i LOVE that she was going for the phone!!!!! i'm dying laughing over here.
    congrats to bean!!!!

  10. I can't watch the video 'cause I'm at work, but I can only imagine your pride and simultaneous horror. :)


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