wan-na find something?

Monday, June 16, 2008

so. stinking. busy.

teen. out. of. school.

different shit to do every day.

need to blog, but cannot.

leave you with picture of bean, looking like a chic tourist on the beaches of st. tropez.

back as soon as i can. so much to blog about.

again, many thanks for well wishes for brother wan. he's home, doing really well, and already bitching and bored in his hospital bed, parked in the middle of the family room at his folks'. but they live in wrightwood, so not TOO much havoc to wreak. heh.


  1. OMG, she's so chic. loving the tunic.

  2. She is adorable, as usual. Glad to hear about brother Wan

  3. That might be my favorite picture of the bean ever. And I'm so glad brother Wan is doing well.

  4. you realize she's a diva-in-training?

  5. Haha, that pic is too cute. Love the shades.

  6. So chic, dahling. :)

    Glad to hear bro Wan is doing well.

  7. So glad to hear about BW. :) That picture is the best!


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