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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

a whole lotta nothin' goin' on

so i thought i had a lot to blog about, but i changed my mind. we've done a lot of crap in the last few days, and i've snapped pics here and there. but none of it is really exciting enough to merit a big ol', detailed blog entry. so i'm going to just post some of the fun snaps and toss in a few comments.

the teen being silly at babies r'us. the bean watched intently.

checking out the local farmers market. it was tiny and super lame, but at least we got some yummy tamales and a nice afternoon stroll in.

an awesome entry in the teen's yearbook. i love how it's spelled all wrong, with no signature. plus, i noticed "hags" written a lot in there. i knew it wasn't what i usually think that means, and laughed my ass off to find out that kids are now too lazy to write out "have a great summer." come on, really?? bwahahahahaha!

while shopping, i saw this tee and it reminded me of my buddy MommyBelle, since it's something she used to say all the time.

the hub's father's day gift from his folks and grandparents (being assembled by his dad). i'm pretty excited about this thing - it's so easy to light and use, even i can do it. and dudes, it'll cook 40 burgers at once. heh. because every household needs a giant barbecue to cook a whole side of beef at once.

more silliness.

the bean's first ponytail! whee!

our beach outing.

house shopping.

i got this uber cute swimsuit at the juicy store at fashion island. it looks way cuter on nordstrom's model than on me, but i don't care. i love it and i can't wait to rock it on the beach all summer long.

playing in her room with a toy i finally remembered to convert to "crawling" mode.

that's all i got. hopefully i'll have something more exciting to report tomorrow. um, like a laker win tonight. mm-hmmmm.


  1. I saw that swimsuit in the aqua color, but have yet to try it. We could possibly be swimsuit twins.

  2. Ooooh...love the suit!! Super cute fam pics!

  3. LOVE the suit!! Looks great on you !!

  4. cute baby pics! she's growing so fast!

  5. OMG! I love the Bean's little beach cover up. So cute!

  6. you are gonna have to beat the boys/men away with a stick with all you hot ladies on the beach ;)

    love that pink suit! love the bean's chic coverup! love the teen's animal print bikini!

  7. loooooove the swimsuit! i want one!

  8. and I'm smart, and nice, and generous, and humble, and... :) I could go on and on! Ha hahahahah

    You finally figured out crawling mode...Yahoo!

    Like the suit...really cute

  9. I LOVE that swimsuit!! You look great! Too bad they don't have it in maternity for me :).

  10. OK, love the suit, gotta have one too. Pretty in pink!

  11. I love random! And I chuckled at Lil Man's HAGS in his year book too. :)


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