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Monday, June 16, 2008

visiting brother wan

we went to visit brother wan at the hospital on friday. he was at kaiser on sunset in l.a., so i was a little apprehensive about the traffic we'd inevitably hit on the way home. but for BW, i was willing to risk it. the hub still wasn't feeling 100%, so i decided that the girls and i would visit his brother in his place.

so we hopped in the car and managed to get there in 25 minutes, which was pretty nice. i swung into the nearby rite-aid to put a care package together - snacks, magazines, you know the drill. i scooped up some stuff for the ILs, too, because i knew they were camping out at the hospital to be at BW's bedside 24/7.

and when we got there, i was amused to see this (we'd found a parking spot on the same level as the maternity ward):

it was quite a maze to find our way to the right set of elevators that would take us to the floor that BW's room was on, and i was a little worried when i saw the headline on this sign:

i thought, "shit, i'm never going to see my car again."

we found the ILs hanging out and watching old movies on VHS in the waiting room. i giggled at the random ass selections.

BW was sleeping, so i tiptoed into his room to drop off the goody bag. when i saw this, the only thing that stopped me from smacking his ass upside the head was the fact that he'd just had a hole drilled into his skull not quite 24 hours prior. heh.

since he'd just been given meds that would knock his ass out for a while, we decided to go to lunch. the grandparents wanted to hit up an old favorite of theirs, taix. so the ILs helped us find the car (they were pros at it, considering they'd been there for the last three days in a row) and we piled in to meet up at the restaurant.

the teen decided she wasn't very hungry when she looked at the menu. ha! although it was quite varied - sandwiches, salads, even spaghetti bolognese. i decided to have a simple sandwich of black forest ham piled in a baguette, and laughed at the teen when MIL's appetizer was served - escargot. she did, however, share my creme brulee - which was dee-lish.

it was a pretty nice (but uneventful) lunch, and when we got back to the hospital, we learned that BW was being released. yippee! although still in pain, he was well enough to go home to rest and recuperate. MIL asked the nurse to show her how to care for the TWENTY staples in the back of his head, and while she and FIL handled the paperwork and got BW packed up, the girls and i hit the cafeteria. yeah, we'd just had lunch. shut up.

the teen went for an ice cream bar while i grabbed a bag of skittles and some freeze-dried pineapple chips for the bean out of the vending machine. i sure do love me some vending machine snackin'.

and that was it! BW was released, we said good-bye to the ILs, and sat in traffic for two hours before finally dropping the teen off at BFF's to hang out and then getting home to meet the hub for dinner.

we had sushi. it was delicious. yay!


  1. Holy shit thats a lot of staples. Poor guy. Glad to hear he gets to get out of the hospital though.

  2. Seeing scars like that makes my stomach turn just a little, but I am so happy to hear that BW is already well enough to be released. That's gotta be great news!

  3. BW MUST have something wrong with his head to be wearing that jersey! ;-)

    All kidding aside, I'm glad he is doing better! Hope his recovery is a speedy one!

  4. Hope he's recovering comfortably at home now!

  5. *Chanting* Go Celtics! Go Celtics! See? BW knows what's up. Shoot.

  6. that is great that he was finally released and is able to finish recovering at home. so much better than kickin' it at the hospital. :)

  7. He's going to do SO much better once he's at home!

  8. Catching up on some blog commenting...glad bro wan is at home recuperating! I love that he's wearing a Celtics uniform :)

  9. How awesome that he got to go home so soon!

  10. Yikes! 20 stitches! Glad to hear he's doing ok.


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