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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

costco lunch. yum!

yesterday, the bean and i went over to MommyBelle's to have lunch and hang out with the kids. they've just put their condo on the market, and i wanted to check out all of the hard work they put into it in the last few months.

so after getting myself ready and the bean fed and dressed, we jumped in the car, stopped at costco to get gas and pick up pizza (um, i spent $90 on a tank of gas. this is ree-dick-yoo-lus), and got there right on time. i knew she was babysitting another friend's kids, so i figured it would be nice for her to have another (semi) grown-up to talk to while surrounded by FOUR kids. not to mention, when they move, they'll be in the faraway land of the deep O.C., and quickie lunches won't be as easy or quick. ie.

we plopped the bean down into LFM's exersaucer and watched her reach for the zillion toys that are attached to that thing. she was having so much fun, i knew we'd be able to get away with a nice leisurely lunch. so we poured some soda, opened that pizza box, and went to town.

mm-hmmm. we ate half that pizza without a single thought about fat or calories. heh.

after our pig-out, MB took me on a tour of the rest of the house. they'd gotten LP a cute new "big-girl bed" and it was fun to check out her room with all the princess gear. LFM had an adorably cute sports-themed room, and he and the bean played on the floor with the countless boxes of toys.

it was a fun visit, and i managed to get a serving of sweet potatoes down into the bean's belly before we left. and she'd tuckered herself out so much with the playing that she fell right to sleep even before i'd gotten through the gate and out onto the street!

we made a target run, during which i checked out the GPS portable navigation systems for a potential father's day gift for the hub. finding only a few models available and no one to show me the differences between them, we headed to the cashier to check out.

$150 later, we packed all our shit up in the car and headed to best buy to see if we might have better luck there. some of my friends had recommended garmin models, but as the salesdude went through the zillion different types they had available, i ended up picking out a really cool one by magellan.

we pulled into the garage just as the hub was coming home. crap! i had to do some major scrambling to make sure he didn't see the bag from best buy that i had on the front seat. poor baby, though - he was home early because he was totally out of it. he'd woken up with a sore throat and suffered all night with a runny nose, and it just hadn't gotten any better.

send me healthy vibes, y'all. the last thing i need is his goobers to make me sickly, too. i've managed to stay healthy through winter and flu season, and the bean's never had so much as a sniffle. i'd like to keep it that way, thankyouverymuch.


  1. I didn't make it past "exersaucer." Sorry.

  2. i <3 costco pizza so very much.

    my CW's daughter LOVED her exersaucer, especially in that time when she was really getting ready to walk and wanted to be upright, but couldn't do it by herself.

    hope you guys stay germ free.

  3. {{{{{{{{{{{ healthy }}}}}}}}}}}}

    Costco food is the bestest.

  4. Gas prices are totally nuts. It's supposed to be up at $5 by 4th of July. Eeek.

    Hope the hubs feels better soon!

  5. #1 Gas is making me angry and I only drive a Corolla.

    #2 I had to wipe off my screen after I licked the pizza. Thanks a lot.

  6. I love the GPS that calls the driver dummy.

  7. As I sit here eating another fucking salad, I curse your Costco pizza.


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