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Monday, June 30, 2008

street fairs are fun!

on friday, the teen and some of her friends went to see wall-e and hang out at the street fair. this is a much bigger, more popular street fair than the weak one we went to a couple of weeks ago.

i decided to get a pedicure just up the street at my old favorite nail joint,
urbane beauty. they always do a nice job, and i managed to get a last-minute appointment - even on a friday evening. yay! but we had a few minutes to kill first, so we found a parking spot and took a stroll down the street to check out the shops.

our first stop was a place called "nummy nums." that is the most fucktarded name i've ever seen on a storefront. so of course, i HAD to check it out, especially after i saw the little baby logo. remember, i'm a sucker for baby-related crap (as if you could forget). turns out they make all natural baby food, which i guess makes sense in a twisted baby-talk kind of way. although i'm thinking that the bean would've liked it, i had to turn down the offer of a free sample. the food is frozen and we weren't going home for quite a while. oh, well.

we stopped in at a few other shops before heading back up the street to grab a drink at
coffee bean to enjoy during my pedi. i picked out a fun, bright orange polish and we settled in the comfy spa chair. the bean found the blue water fascinating, and she was entertained by the swirling and bubbling for a while - until a man sat down in the chair next to us with his baby girl. heh. the bean LOVES to look at other babies, and they waved their arms and babbled at each other for a while.

yay for purty toes!

scenes from the street fair. pretty standard. and i was amused at the "special event toe rings." never knew there was such a thing. and no, i sure didn't get one.

yup, that's a
monkey on that man's head. you KNOW i had to capture that one.

look what's coming soon! whee!

demonstrations from a local karate school, trying to sell lessons. the bean looked up at me in confusion, which i found funny. you can practically SEE the question mark above her head, just like in the cartoons!

these outlet-head dudes were weird. i'm still not sure what they were trying to be, but they were freaking all the kids out. i'm thinking their big ass tip jar stayed mostly empty.

i saw these and HAD to stop. and of course, i let myself get suckered into picking up a zebra striped-fur tote with a picture of nick jonas for the teen. mm-hmmm.

and that was our friday night. fun, yes?


  1. Nummy Nums?

    You should see my face right now.

  2. that is a pretty bad name. yikes. and could they defrost the samples for on the spot consumption instead?

  3. Street fairs are the best! Well, I'm a big fan of any kind of fairs. Except the ones with clowns.

  4. that is soooo the street fair in Monrovia!! You should have called me, we usually go like every friday night :)

  5. They have 2 toe ring booths at the Strawberry Festival now. And the lines are insane!! I don't understand.

  6. Sounds like a rockin' Friday night! Little street fairs are quite the quaint affair.

  7. Your life is so ridiculously fun for being a stay-at-home mom.

  8. I need to indulge in summer activities like you do. Street fair is on my list.


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