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Monday, June 9, 2008

whacking the bush

after the fun day i'd had with MommyBelle and LFM, the bean and i relaxed at home for a while until the hub got home. i had a 6:00 appointment to see my favorite hairstylist, rochelle, to finally get my shaggy 'do cleaned up and looking pretty. because, of course, i hadn't done nearly enough that day, right?

it had been over 2 months since my last visit, and as i parked and started walking to the salon, rochelle popped out, cell phone in hand, and gave me a big ass smile when she saw me. "i've been trying to call you!" she said.

turns out she had my phone number wrong in her cell - off by one digit. d-oh!

i was there for a cut AND color, so i settled back, watched her comb through my hair with her fingers, and basically let her do whatever she thought was best. it's so awesome to have a stylist that you can trust that much. and we chatted, laughed, and traded stories about what we'd been doing in the last couple of months. last time i saw her, we were heading off for our nyc trip. yikes!

rochelle mixed up my color while i cracked open my book (jodi picoult's nineteen minutes) and enjoyed a little bit of "me" time.

i love these retro-looking hair dryers.

the salon is really cute, and everyone there is so nice. i sat under the dryer, read my book, and sipped my sprite. it was lovely.

two hours later, i emerged with bag of product in hand (i am SUCH a sucker for cosmetic-related products), and took this very bad picture of myself.

yay for getting back to my it-only-takes-five-minutes-to-do 'do!


  1. yay for rochelle! i need to schedule an appointment ASAP. it's been 2 months for me, too. too long for these short 'dos.

  2. I really need a haircut too. I love the title of this post - it's just perfect.

  3. I really thought this post was about something else. Something Miranda could relate to.

  4. I saw the title and thought, "TMI. TMI. TMI."

  5. That is not a bad picture of you! You look great, and I love the hair!! You're making me want to cut mine a little shorter...but I have to remind myself I never like it short when it's on me.

  6. love the 'do! and, the title threw me, too! ;)

  7. Aaaaaaaah....two hours of "me" time. Sounds lovely! :) And the 'do is fab.


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