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Monday, June 2, 2008

wii are fit!

well, sort of. i finally got the chance to bust out my new toy on friday night, but i completely forgot to take pictures. so what you'll see is actually from day 2 of wii fit training. yes, training!

the hub was off at the neighbor's house, playing poker with a group of guys, and the teen and her BFF were huddled in her room, giggling and listening to (who else?) the jonas brothers' CD. and i managed to get the bean to fall asleep and put her down in her crib. woo-hoo! i turned on my nifty little baby monitor, tiptoed out of her room, and went out to play.

my initial evaluation/body test revealed that my wii fit age was 45. FORTY-FIVE! bleh. however, i was pleased to see that my BMI was in the "normal" range, and my weight was no surprise. because i am a glutton for punishment, i step on the bathroom scale at least two to three times a week. blurgh.

you're supposed to do that body test at least once a day - step on the board to check your weight, get your current BMI based on those results, and do a quick balance test. it then puts you (or, rather, your "mii") under a spotlight as it calculates your wii fit age.

i was pretty stoked to see that i'd somehow managed to bump up mine to 37 - not bad, considering i'm only three months away from actually being 37. *gulp*

i took my "stamp" and marked off day two of the program.

i'm not actually sure why my stamp is in the shape of a foot, but whatever. i'm too lazy to go through and figure out how to change it.

i chose a personal trainer - the boy, of course - and got to work.

i decided to try the hula hoop. it was cute, and so much fun!

not to mention, i kick ASS at hula hooping. heh.

i played around with a few of the other activities, like ski slalom, ski jump, tightrope walking, even a short run. i was having a ball, and getting a nice stretch with a couple of yoga exercises, when the monitor told me (quite loudly) that the bean was awake. and my training for the day came to an end.

while it's not really a solid substitute for a true workout at the gym, it's a fun way to get up off the couch, play some games, get active, and burn some calories. and i gotta admit, i'm a little sore from all that hula hooping. plus, the other yoga and strength training exercises look like they could very well have me busting out the ben gay. really!

day two, check!


  1. This looks pretty awesome. If you stick with it, I may have to consider it :)

  2. yea for sleeping in the crib!! :) Baby steps...

  3. i'm glad you like it! sounds like a fun time :)

  4. I can picture you hula hooping like a mad man in the living room. Awesome.

  5. My co-worker loves his Wii Fit.
    Yes, his.

  6. I'm a little skeptical about this wii fit (yes, me). You'll have to tell me how it goes after a couple weeks :)

  7. i wanna try. but not enough to go hunt one down.

  8. Thanks for the review! I was wondering if this was worth checking out.


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