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Friday, June 6, 2008

no. more. fro. yo.

okay, so it got a little ridiculous. after i picked up the teen from school, we headed out to claremont, where there's a SELF-SERVE ce fiore.

oh, yes. i was picturing a lovely cup of mochi with yogurt topping. the teen was only slightly amused, but i was giddy.

thank goodness for the navi, because i would have totally passed the shop without it. it's stuck in a shitty little strip mall, right next to a cvs pharmacy. but we found it! whee!

after a taste test of the peanut butter yogurt, the teen opted for a small cup of it with heath bar topping. she pronounced it "delish" and dug right in.

as for me, i had so much fun serving my own yogurt, watching it twirl down into my cup, that i ended up with more than i'd intended. and then i headed over to the toppings bar and damn near emptied the container of mochi bits. ha!

the bean had some, too. yogurt, not mochi. i think ce fiore's original flavor actually has a slightly bitter aftertaste, and i'd say the bean agreed. but she kept coming back for more!

next time we go, we're so going to try a yogurt-topped waffle.

and now i'm thinking that all three of us are pretty yogurt-ed out for a while. really! i don't plan on going out of my way to get yogurt for at LEAST a week, maybe two. ;)

we went home, i pulled out my OG kobe jersey, and watched my beloved lakers go down in flames. damn.

hey, whatever. it was only game 1. we'll bring it in the next game.


  1. I'm shockingly not surprised at the fact your have a kobe jersey, but still pleasantly amused. =)

  2. hahahaha, the bean's face! That's too adorable.

    I'm with you on the fro yo overkill. Not that I've overdone it or anything, today our facilities manager came in with a big huge cone of vanilla fro yo for me. I guess I was the lucky one because I'm pregnant. So I scarfed that shit down. Oy.

  3. #8. meh. not you, him.

    have you had shaved ice with yogurt? it was all the rage in ktown, and i think a lot of the cafes still serve it like that. yum. although i can't decide between the yogurt and the condensed milk...both!

  4. Isn't that where the old 21 Choices was, right off Arrow Highway?

  5. You're a day behind...that is not what you did on Friday :)

  6. That's where 21 Choices used to be...didn't know it was a Ce Fiore now! Next time we visit the hubs' parents we'll have to stop by.


  7. <3 the jersey <3

    the pic of you feeding the bean is pretty adorable.

  8. Ooooh, I LOVE self-serve yogurt! You have to try Yogurtland!

  9. The Bean's face is priceless with the fro yo. Ha ha ha!


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