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Thursday, May 28, 2009

bye bye, hello kitty

yeah, it was time to change up the background again. no more of this:

but i'm sure i'll get bored with this one just as quickly. i'm fickle like that.


  1. My blog is also cupcakey! But horrible unupdated.

  2. i have been craving strawberry cupcakes. this made it worse.

  3. I like the cupcakes a lot! I should change mine too. It's been black for so long. Surprise surprise.

  4. I hear ya about the fickleness. I've had mine for what... 2 weeks? and I've changed it so many times. I like the cupcakes! Super cute and it goes with your Pink Paper Designs logo.

  5. It's funny -- I never read your blog at home, so I've always just seen a white background because my office blocks whatever site hosts your background graphic.

    All this time I've incorrectly thought you'd joined our Club Minimalism (tater, winnie, me, etc.). :P

  6. damn you for making me want cupcakes!

  7. Perfect. Now I'm dying for a cupcake :(

  8. I love the new background. I love all things cupcakes! I'd give it 5 stars if I could.:)


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