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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

super sunday

sunday saw me and the teen making the trek down into deep, deep OC, to 10yt's house to celebrate the upcoming arrival of my friend APK's offspring. she's probably the only person i know in real life who's patient enough to wait for the actual birth before finding out whether she's on team pink or team blue.

i couldn't find a single freaking thing to wear. the hub laughed at me as i emerged from the bedroom in about six different ensembles before finally giving up and settling on a very boring black dress. the teen put on a dress she'd only been able to wear once, although she grumbled about wanting to just wear jeans.

"you can't wear jeans to a baby shower! it's not proper," i told her. and it was either putting on the dress and coming with me, or staying home and doing nothing. heh.

being sunday, there was no traffic to fight through, so we arrived exactly on time. not wanting to look too eager, we sat in the car for a few minutes and chatted and giggled until we saw a fellow partygoer enter the house. then we figured it was safe and got out of the car. haha! yeah, we're dorks.

as we walked in the door, i quickly realized that 10yt's was one of those "no shoes" homes. i'd never been before, having missed prior GTGs there, and was super thankful i'd gotten up early to paint my tootsies. i'd have been mortified to have to walk around with my ugly ass feet, un-pedicured for months and months.

the next thing to greet us was this adorable diaper cake, all done up in pastel green. and i was really surprised to find out that it had been made by jessica - only because i guess i didn't really expect her to be very into the baby thing!

we sank into the comfy couch, and i [unsuccessfully] snapped a quick pic of the teen in her dress. and cast. heh. i knew i was going to face her wrath later, because a good number of ladies were, in fact, wearing jeans and a cute top - including our hostess. i endured the stink eye as i took these.

we were also greeted by the canines of the house. they made everyone feel welcome.

food! and drinks - both virgin and - well, not.

i was amused as i spied the chocolate fountain in the corner.


10yt was a great hostess, and we all giggled as she brought down a handful of DVDs, carefully chosen for the teen to pick from. funny, i didn't realize that popping a movie into the player would still work as a great babysitter for an almost-fourteen-year-old (hahaha! sorry, babe).

she still loves me, though.

aline, our lovely co-hostess, got everyone's attention to play a couple of games. despite the grumbling, most of us participated.

a bunch of us cracked up as APK opened this gift.

WeeMo started singing "tiny dancer" and ashley killed it when she chimed in with "eat your tiny food on the tiny diner..."

and since this was just the baby that came with the picture frame, the monkey decided to embellish the photo just a bit. insider tip: APK is a die-hard detroit fan. hates the lakers (and any other l.a. sports team). hates 'em.

the dog enjoyed this foot massage.

before we left, we gathered outside for a group pic.

i even left with a parting gift - french whore barbie, from 10yt to the bean. 10yt is so sweet! i kind of wished i'd have brought the bean to finally meet her. oh well, next time.

and now, i have a confession:

i've been really annoyed with my hair the last couple of weeks. it just...lacks shape! i really missed my old "posh spice" 'do and was determined to get it back. but i'm too cheap these days to shell out the cash to see my regular stylist, and so since the bean was hanging out with her daddy, i made a decision.

the teen and i went home to change into comfy clothes, and then hopped back in the car. and went...


i know, i know. and i'm such a hair stylist snob! well, i was. and i'm almost ashamed - except for that i lucked out and got a really nice stylist who knew exactly what i was going for and gave me the shape i was so desperately seeking. i now feel much better about the appearance of my noggin, and the best part?

that shit cost me $16.95, plus tip.

duuuuuuuudes. at that price, i can totally stomach the every-six-weeks upkeep this cut requires. it could've gone terribly awry, but it didn't - and now i even know which stylist to request when i return!

i'm totally patting myself on the back for my cost-cutting triumph. pun intended, fools!


  1. Screw being snobby. If you like your hair, can afford it, and they do it well-keep going. Your secret is safe with me. :)

  2. Can't wait to see your fantastic 'do.

    BTW, I think it was "eating your tiny food on a tiny tray."

    But Ashley can tell you for sure.

  3. i think it might have been "eating your tiny food on your traaay." but yeah, ashley can tell you for sure.

    the monkey cracks me up.

    yay for cheap haircut! although i've had too many bad experiences at supercuts and this fantastic sam's like place to ever want to try again.

  4. Dude, even I won't go near Fantastic Sam's / Supercuts. You're brave. The shower looks like lots of fun (and yummy food)! It cracks me up that 10yt has Little Mermaid in her collection.

  5. Dude, you are SO lucky with your Sammy's experience. It could have gone so. horribly. wrong.

    Oh man, after reading this post I am even happier that I wore jeans to the shower. [squeal!]

  6. my thoughts:

    1. so incredibly sad I missed the fancy shower.
    2. the tean is super cute.
    3. you majorly lucked out at sammy's! jealousE of your cheap 'do.

  7. Gasp! You walked into a Fantastic Sams?! You are brave. Thank goodness she did a good job. Otherwise, I would have started crying.

    The teen looks cute in her dress + cast.

  8. teehee ... I always get a pedicure the day before a gtg at 10YT's.

    The teen looked great (as did you)!

  9. Thank you again for coming all the way to freaking Tijuana for the shower! I'm also especially happy I got to meet the teen (just as pretty in person!), even if we probably freaked her out a little bit. ;-)

  10. ps, I totally blamed mboc for the Lakers graffiti... I even cursed her with having triplets. I guess the curse needs to get moved, huh? lol

  11. Oh man - I bet the teen was ready to kill someone when she saw others in jeans. ;)

    French whore Barbie!!

    Looks like a great time -- bummed I had to miss it. :(


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