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Monday, May 11, 2009

today's the teen's birthday!

before there was ever such a thing as the bean,
my life was consumed totally by the teen.

she brought so much laughter, joy, and fun
and for me, she was the stars, the moon, and the sun.

she was born on a thursday morning in may,
just a few days before my first mother's day.

those first few days of her life were quite a blur
it was new and exciting, and it was all about her.

i flourished in the role of a new mom, full of love
of this adorable little girl, i was so in awe.

before i knew it, the first day of school was here
my baby was growing up, that much was clear.

and now, holy crap! she's fourteen today
so smart and so beautiful! i'm biased, okay?

in no time at all, she'll be driving and stuff
shit, i thought toddlerhood was hard, but that'll be rough.

that little girl who loved n*sync and the spice girls
is well on her way to making her mark on this world.

she's gorgeous and funny and witty and sweet
(i still think it's crazy that she's given up meat!) sorry, i couldn't resist.

and while i miss the baby she used to be,
the woman she's becoming fills me with glee.

so, happy birthday to the teen, my daughter #1
i'm oh, so proud of you, and i love you a ton!


  1. Happy birthday, Teen! I give your poem two thumbs up, Wan!

  2. hahahaha I laughed so hard at the meat line. Thank goodness nobody is at home to witness my insanity. Happy birthday, Teen!

  3. omg im crying, what a sweet poem! happy birthday teen! you have an awesome mom!!

  4. That is the sweetest thing ever!!! I love it. Happy Birthday, teen! And Happy Teen's Birthday, mom! You also deserve a lot of praise for doing such a wonderful job!

  5. you are such an awesome mom. that poem is adorable.

    Happy Birthday Teen!

  6. yay for the birthday rhyme!

    if you were my mom, i'd be embarrassed. but you're not, so this is totally cute.

  7. aww.that was sweet! happy birthday to the teen

  8. super cute poem, even the vegetarian part~ha! :)

    Happy Birthday Teen :)

  9. blame it on my pg hormones, but this totally made me tear up and gave me goose bumps. Happy Birthday Teen!!

  10. You are such a great mom. Happy birthday, Teen!

  11. Happy birthday Teen!

    Love the vegetarian line. :-)

  12. Maybe one day I'll introduce you to my grandmother and you can compare poetry - this looks exactly like what I get on my birthday every year ;-) Happy Birthday Teen!

  13. when i'm a mom (not for a while. thx) i hope i'm half as amazing as you are! happy birthday teen! :) PS. i texted her at the number that i THINK is hers...because kiddies her age like to text more than talk on the phone, right? eeeekk.

  14. What a sweet, cute, funny, and awesome post!!! Happy 14th Birthday to the teen!

  15. great poem! love the old school pics of the teen!


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