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Thursday, May 28, 2009

when the hub's away, wan will play

well, if you consider lounging around doing not a single damn productive thing and eating a ri-gosh-dang-diculous amount of junk food "playing," anyway. crap, i hope he doesn't read this post. he'll karate chop my ass. okay, not really, but read on...

because with the hub off on a quasi-road trip with his pops and the teen at her dad's, that leaves me and the bean home alone to run amok. we went to the grocery store and scooped up an embarrassingly obscene variety of snacky-snacks, came home, played and read books together, and watched the laker game.

and for lunch, instead of putting her in the high chair (like a good mom would do), i let her stroll around the living room, munching on her chicken nuggets. then i giggled with her as she sat in her bouncy chair (the one she's far too big for, but loves to death), shredded the last nugget with her fingers, and tossed the pieces across the carpet. since mollydog was on the patio, having been put outside while we went to the store, i let her in and used her as a vacuum cleaner. lemme tell you, she's far more effective than the dirt devil. not a crumb was left anywhere.

for dinner, i made the most awesomely half-assed lazy girl's version of shrimp fried rice that ever was. i mean, it was the silliest looking shrimp fried rice i've ever seen - so much so that i couldn't even bear to take a picture of it. hey, it may have looked funky, but it sure was tasty. bonus! and, um, i may have washed it down with copious amounts of soda. i don't think i've had this much soda in one day in a long, long time. i've got to step away from the coca-cola tomorrow. and probably friday, too. yikes.

as i was cleaning up afterwards, i heard a giggle behind me. i turned around and then couldn't stop laughing when i found this:

of course, what did i do? well, it WASN'T "take the bag off so my kid wouldn't bump into shit and hurt herself." oh, no. i lunged for the camera to capture it to share with you.

after she wandered around with the bag over her head for a while (of course, totally sneaking peeks every so often), giggling and babbling the whole time, she whipped it off triumphantly.

to cap it off, i let her go to sleep in her t-shirt and shorts. haha! didn't even change her into pajamas. it's like a freaking free-for-all around here. and it's only day one - the hub and the teen don't get home till friday.

man alive, it's days like this when i'm shocked that i'm allowed to be a parent. muahahahahahaha!

oh, check it out: i finally managed to catch a few of the bean's words on video.

please ignore my whiny-sounding prompting.

and here's another - it cracks me up when she damn near falls over while doing "itsy bitsy spider."

and in this one, please ignore my horribly off-key singing. i know i'm no carrie underwood, mmkay?

i wonder what kind of shenanigans we'll get into tomorrow. we really shouldn't be left alone for long periods of time, methinks. heh.


  1. You are such a fun (and good) Mom!

  2. Hee, this is probably how I'll be -- every single day -- with my child. I definitely shouldn't be allowed to become a mom. I love the picture of the Bean with the bag over her head! Too funny. She sounded so cute in the 1st video. You sounded good too in the Itsy Bitsy Spider video!

  3. The beginnings of a bag lady. Fantastic.

  4. i love that she knows how to say, "dude!" already. the makings of a valley girl bag lady.

  5. You girls always look like you are having so much fun! You deserve a day to eat junk and play.

  6. man, I so wish I had a cool mom like you growing up.

    although I do love my mom to pieces.

  7. I love her "hiiii" and her falling over is so cute. Man she's so cute!

  8. I LOVE that she says "dude"!!!! It's a great, versatile word to know :)

  9. The bean playing in the bag is too dang funny!


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