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Friday, May 1, 2009

storytime with the bean

so i've mentioned before that our local library does a free storytime for toddlers on thursday mornings. our first try wasn't so successful, but yesterday was the third week that we've gone and the bean is starting to get the hang of it.

when we arrive, we go right past this sign and she makes a beeline for the toys:

checks out the fun library stools:

pretends she's mommy at the computer:

then, when it's time to go into the children's room, grab a pillow for her tushie, and take a seat, she's always fascinated with the antics of the other kids as they get settled. she never knows what to look at first.

she sings along to "itsy bitsy spider" and boogies with her little shakers:

she likes to look at this "tree" on the wall:

yay! tons of fun!

the bean's 19-monthiversary is today. damn. and my older baby's FOURTEENTH birthday is coming up quick. she wants to take a couple of friends, get mani/pedis, and have dinner "somewhere cool, mom. where can we go that's cool where we might see some celebrities?"

shit, i don't know. do you?


  1. The bean looks so smart in the bangs + ponytail look! So cute.

  2. I could seriously looke at photos of the Bean all day long. Love the hairdo. I think your little cutie patootie just inspired me to cut some bangs.

  3. the bean looks so cute in a pony!

    take the teen and her friends to the ivy. the food isn't half bad and you can make reservations.

  4. ugh the bean is so big. and so cute.

    nope, i don't know.

  5. My thought process while reading your post.


    library, library, yada, yada, PONYTAIL! LOVE IT!

    shakers, seats, yada, yada, OMG, THAT PONYTAIL! CAN'T STAND IT!



  6. The bean is so stinkin adorable! I love reading your blog and all the cute pictures of her. Loving the ponytail!!!

  7. The bean looks quite stylish at the library.

  8. I like the ponytail.

    Apparently, not as much as Nanette likes it, though.

    As for where you should take The Teen, the places where you're most likely to see celebs on a Saturday night are (1) not age-appropriate and/or (2) inaccessible to the public.

  9. omg i love her hair style today, she looks so huggable =)

    we do storytime at our local library too, it's great b/c they pretty do the same stuff as the mommy & me classes we did in the past and we don't pay a penny

  10. Does the Bean have a library card yet? Because at 19 months she should definitely start learning responsibility like remembering to return her books on time. Otherwise she's going to end up a twenty-something year old who has fines at almost every library in Southern California......like someone else I know.......

  11. Maybe XIV on Sunset (not sure if that's a club place also)?

    My recommendations for somewhere cool/fun are Katana, Geisha House, and Ketchup. Though truly, I kinda agree with WeeMo that on a Saturday night, you're probably not going to see celebs out at dinner at a place you could take the teen.

  12. Most recent edition of StarWatch for you here.

  13. I'm glad you're starting her early on how to appreciate the library. This will serve her well later on. I love her hair in a pony tail, btw!

  14. I'm going to sound like a parrot, but that ponytail on the Bean is just precious!


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