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Thursday, April 30, 2009

s[wan]son night

when i was little, i thought tv dinners were fabulous.

hmmm. i think i probably just dated myself with that statement. heh.

[putting in dentures and squinting from rocking chair] don't know what a tv dinner is/was? it's just what they used to call frozen dinners back in my day. they were in divided trays made of foil, because there were no microwaves back then. you actually turned on the OVEN and baked it, and it wasn't ready in 5 minutes, but more like 25. oh, yes. and they usually consisted of a meat entree, a starch, and a veggie. salisbury steak was my favorite.

i know i've made/posted about salisbury steak before, but seriously, this recipe is just so delicious. and last night, i served it in true tv dinner-style - with mashed potatoes and corn. all i needed was a divided plate, but i settled for a plain old dinner dish instead.

huh. i guess mine wasn't accurate after all - i didn't have dessert in the mix. oh, well.

MIL enjoyed dinner with us too, since she was hanging out with us after a long day with g-wan - her MIL. heh. it's nice to be able to serve her dinner and do her dishes for a change.

see? i told you my dinners were pretty uninspired these days. ho-hum.


  1. I have TV dinner trays that divide food. I eat on them all the time. I don't like when my food touches, but only initially. I like to mix my food together, bite by bite, but I have to be in control of the mixing. (This probably should have been a comment for your previous food freak post.) I also have to have one bite of everything on my plate at the end of the meal to conclude with the perfect bite.

    Your salisbury steak looks delish.

  2. whoa. never knew venn was that OCD. awesome. :)

    your salisbury steak looks so much better than what they used to serve us at the school cafeteria. that's the only place i've ever had it, thanks to it scarring me for life.

  3. Wow. I am downright normal comparing to Venn.

    Your dinner looks yummy!

  4. That looks pretty good. You probably already read a lot of the nest food blogs, but if you want another for ideas, feel free to drop by mine =) http://www.cassiepuff.net/blog/

  5. I used to love TV dinners, too! but maybe it was because we were never, ever, allowed to eat them.

  6. mine have been way worse than that. i have been eating far too much frozen pizza. no wonder i'm getting pudgy.

  7. Hey, at least you're cooking. More than I can say for what my family is eating these days. Pretty much the same 5 or 6 meal options in constant rotation because that's what Hubbs knows how to make. Sad.

  8. we used to have a stack of those beige perfectly round plastic plates that came out of frozen dinners (i forget which kind) that we saved and used over and over and over because we knew they were microwave safe!! my mom would let us use real dishes :(

  9. Oh the memories of those foil plated Swanson dinners...


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