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Monday, April 6, 2009

another bean milestone

yeah, i complained about not having time to blog earlier today, but the teen's got some friends over to hang out and giggle and stuff, so here i am. bonus for you!

we finally turned the bean's car seat around!

technically, we could have done this ages ago, when we ditched the tiny infant seat for the newer, big-girl car seat. but it's safer to have babies seated rear-facing in case of an accident, and i'm all about safety when it comes to my precious offspring. alas, she's growing at an alarming rate, and her poor little legs were getting all smushed up against the back seat.

she seems to dig it - she has a much better view now, although she did enjoy making faces at herself in the mirror i used to have mounted back there to keep an eye on her.

"whee!" she said, as we drove around running errands.

whee, indeed. stop growing so fast, would ya? oy.


  1. I didn't know people flip over baby car seats. Huh. I love how the bag that the bean was holding matched the car seat :)

  2. It's about stinking time...good lord!!

    Is she still in the middle of the car?

  3. Awwww, yay, Bean! Such a big girl!

  4. Ditto Winnie! And hooray for milestones!

  5. She looks so happy to finally be facing the world. :)

  6. She'll be driving her own kid in a car seat before you know it. Like how I just fast forwarded your life about 25 years and made you pause? Yeah, me either. Sorry friend. :)


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