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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

i'm still here, i promise!

it's been a cah-razy day. first, i had to throw together the taxes (i HATE this crap. we should totally just convert to a flat-tax kinda thing), hunt for an envelope and then a stamp, and by the time i was done i had about 25 minutes to jump in the shower and be at costco to meet my friend MommyBelle & co. for a stroll and some cheap lunch.

a zillion errands, a stop at the park, and running through the grocery store rounded out our day. and now i'm tired!

thank goodness i put dinner in the crock pot. i had another corned beef brisket i'd planned on making for the teen, but of course that's a non-issue now. so that'll be dinner tonight. yum!

while at costco, the bean discovered the deliciousness that is "fruit by the foot", courtesy of a free sample (or four). and when i took her in the car after playing at the park, i went to check my e-mail on my iPhone and she managed to climb her way into the trunk. it didn't take her long to find the fruit snack stash back there:

"mum!" she shouted, brandishing the snack. "mum!" and then she made the sign for "please?"

yes, the bean thinks she's british. i get "mum! mum!" all day long. it's comical. she also says "wuf!" when she sees a dog. and "buuuu-bo" at the sight of anything resembling bubbles. when she sees the hub: "daaaaaad!" i've got to get all this on video before she switches over from speaking greek to actual words.

i wonder if i should even bother to recap the weekend at this point. i guess i should - there are some fun easter pictures to share. there's always tomorrow.

i hope.


  1. One of these days we should take a picture of both of us in our Paul Frank zip hoodies.

  2. They both had them on!! :)

    Hey, you shorted yourself some fruit by the foot when you poured them in your purse...we owe you 2

    and can I just say..."Yay for costco hot dogs!"

  3. I was a faux-Brit too, addressing my mom as "mummy" until I started school.

  4. We hit up Costco today too! The best hotdogs and a churro too! We missed out on the fruit by the foot :(
    I did manage to pick up a ginormous box of pound cake!

  5. what a cute little monkey :-)!

    glad you're still with us!!!

  6. How come the Bean says "daaad" and not "faaaaather?"

  7. I love that she climbed all the way to the back and found the treats. what a little stinker!

  8. Seeing as I'm the queen of posting things days late, I say go for it!

  9. Yes! Definitely get it on camera so we can torture her with these videos when she gets older :)

  10. Oh man, I love that hoodie pic.


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