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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"she thinks you're super delicious."

does anyone else think that t-mobile commercial is hilarious? the one where the kids are grilling the dad about his internet dating and telling him that they told their friend's grandmother that he's available, and the cute little nerdy daughter in the glasses says that in a deadpan voice?

well, i do. "super delicious" is one of my favorite expressions these days as a result.

a couple of teen updates: my girl made the honor roll AGAIN! yahoo! and as she said yesterday, if someone had told us that she was going to earn a >3.0 GPA for not just one, but three quarters in a row, we'd have laughed in their faces. i mean, the teen's a smart girl, but she's super lazy like her mom and hasn't really applied herself in the past. i'm so stinking proud of her, and this also means that she gets to join the honor society's year-end trip to disneyland. awesome!

we also turned in her form for summer school yesterday - she can whip out her freshman-year health class in three short weeks and not have to worry about it anymore. sweet! but i guess that it's so popular that they usually have too many kids enrolling. so they're doing it lottery-style, and we'll find out mid-may if she gets to take it or not. luckily, they have two "semesters," so she has a shot at either the early or the late class. we're hoping for the early one so she can get it over with and enjoy the rest of her summer. send us "semester 1" vibes, will ya?

with the sweaty balls weather over the last couple of days, i decided to try out a couple of new ideas for dinner. i stumbled across a yummy-sounding recipe for dumplings made with edamame and spinach and served in a simple miso broth, and since we're on a quest for meatless protein-packed entrees for the teen, i thought it might be a winner. although a little time-consuming, it was easy enough to make.

i happily stuffed and sealed the dumplings and stacked 'em on a plate and then stuck them in the fridge while the water boiled. and then as i was finally ready to start cooking, i quickly realized that i should've just assembled and plopped them into the already-boiling water - they all got stuck together! i was so annoyed.

i'd also prepared something that would be perfect for the warm night - nigella's cold soba noodles with sesame seeds. the dressing smelled and tasted fantastic, and i was happy to see that it kept the cold noodles from sticking together.

the noodles were a hit, but the dumplings proved to be unsuccessful with the teen, who didn't love the texture of the cooked wonton wrappers. the hub and i dug in, and i shared mine with the bean - and i was stoked to see that she really liked it. yay -i managed to get a good portion of edamame and spinach in her belly. good mommy award for me!

i never have wonton wrappers in the kitchen, so i'd never had the chance to try this recipe for nutella ravioli before. i didn't have the time, energy, or patience to do it last night, but i decided to give it a shot this morning - they can be fried ahead of time and then warmed in the oven before serving. and they were so super easy to make!

frying them to a nice golden brown took all of a minute-ish.

because i wanted to share them with you, i took one for the team and plated a few.

well, and then i went a step further and tested one out, so you could see how lovely and nutella-y and gooey they are on the inside. the fried wonton wrapper is delightfully crispy and chewy, too.

see what i do for you?


  1. Yay for the Teen! Such a little smarty, that one. Those Nutella wontons look delightful. Fried chocolate--so genius.

  2. Girl! OMG! You really make some yummy looking dinners that it almost makes me want to just invite myself over and share the yummy dinners with you :P I'm going to bookmark the cold soba dish. Its hard not to pass it up esp. in this hot weather. Gonna try and make it for my bff's baby shower this weekend. Thanks for the recipe! Oh! and Congrats on the teen making honor roll. Way to go!!!

  3. Those nutella wontons look awesome. NOM NOM NOM.

  4. Yay Teen for the honor roll! I just got some soba noodles at the market, I might have to try out your recipe!

  5. I love that commercial. And yes, the teen does kick ass. That is all.

  6. 1. Everytime I read your blog I get hungry.
    2. Congrats to the Teen, yay her!
    3. Me and DH recite that commercial word for word everytime it comes on, it's hilarious!

  7. Yay for the Teen! High five!

    Those nutella wontons look deeelish. I've never made cold soba. Sounds good right now. Yum.

  8. Oh wow. Those are some good eats right there.

    Congrats teen!

  9. I think I'm better off not checking out that nutella ravioli recipe. We might have to start widening the doorways if I do.

  10. is it weird that i thought of you today when I had a nutella crepe :-)?!?

  11. Congrats to the teen!

    I'm sad the dumplings got all stuck together. They sure look tasty, though.

  12. Honor roll! Good for her and congrats!!

  13. that commercial always cracks me up. eventho I don't think he's 'super delicious'.

    those fried nutella wontons look yum. I must try them.

  14. You're getting fancy with that stuff, girl.


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