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Friday, April 24, 2009

super sweet birthday treats

a funny to make you smile:

when the teen is at her dad's, i show her picture to the bean and try to teach her how to say her name. or, at least, part of it. but i learned recently that i totally and completely screwed it up:

"hey, babe, who's that?" as i point to the picture.
"thaaaaaaat!" squeals the bean.

and when the teen gets home, i say "look who's here!" and the bean breaks into a huge smile and exclaims "thaaaaat!"

aw, shit. i inadvertently caused the bean to call her big sister "thaaaaat!" instead of her name.

"you're such a butthole, mom!" says the teen, as i dissolve into gales of laughter. oops.

today is one of the teen's new BFF's birthday. so she and their other friend, rock-el, decided they wanted to bring her some balloons and treats to celebrate.

the birthday girl, blondie, loves my snickerdoodles, and so i offered to make some for them to bring to her.

my stupid, unevenly-heating oven somehow ended up at 500 freaking degrees, and you could smell burning cookie dough from downstairs. not to mention, when i looked in the oven, there was a weird wire hanging down from the top (i've gotta call management to fix that), and although the cookies on the pan were perfectly fine, i noticed that the wire had dragged along the edge of one of them. of course, i saw this a little too late, as i pulled the pan out and the chunk of cookie dough fell smack on the floor of the damn oven. and that's what burnt to a crisp. what a pain in the ass. but hey, at least the rest of the cookies were yummilicious.

the girls also decided to make some muddy buddies, a super delicious concoction of chocolate, peanut butter, and rice chex cereal. well, you could use any kind of chex, but i like rice. they put a bunch of it into a purple party bag, dropped some cookies into another, and put them in a cute little plastic pink pail, which they decorated with a black sharpie.

in the midst of the madness, the bean thought it would be fun to try on mommy's shoes.

our original plan for dinner was to scarf down some leftover enchiladas, cold sesame soba noodles, and pulled pork sandwiches, but when the hub suggested picking up a cheese pizza from costco, no one argued with him. mmmm, i love me some costco pizza.

and this morning, rock-el came over before school to put the finishing touches on the birthday extravaganza. i'd promised them that i'd make that extra-special disneyland french toast, and i delivered. hey, i love any excuse to make that stuff, it's so good. she and the teen were quite appreciative - and i enjoyed polishing off the leftovers after i dropped them both off at school.

some days i totally give myself the mom of the year award. today is one of 'em. heh.


  1. This post made me crack up at my desk. "thaaaat!" hehe love it.
    You are a great Mom, and you've raised a great kid that wants to do something special for her friend. To go out of her way for her like that is very sweet of her. What a lucky BFF!

  2. Blondie is gonna score in the b-day department!

    I can't believe she is calling her "thaaat!" hahahah!

  3. Hahahaha wow, "thaaaat" is nowhere even near the teen's name. Perhaps try to teach the bean to say "teeeen" instead? still one syllable :) You definitely get the best mom award, but the teen also deserves a great friend award! What a sweet kid.

  4. I would totally vote for you for mom of the year!!

  5. that's hilarious the bean calling her "thaaat". too cute.

    Seriously deserve the mom award for all the thoughtful touches you do.

  6. OMG! "That" That is SO CUTE!! When my niece was the Bean's age she couldn't say Michelle so she called me Mush.

    I am so jealous of those Hello Kitty balloons...and the cookies. And that you had Costco pizza...I LOVE Costco pizza!

  7. I don't think I've head of muddy buddies in a hundred years. I remember that when we moved to some place they started calling it puppy chow and I hadn't heard it referred to since.

    And as for pizza - it's pretty much become our Friday night food permanently. The hubs is so sick of it, but at least it's something my mom will eat for sure.

  8. i like rice the best for muddy buddies, too. the teen, i mean THAAAT! is an awesome friend.

  9. Can I be the teen's new bff next time it's my bday?

  10. Yeah ditto FGD! PS I love that picture of the Bean in your TB's!

  11. I think you redeemed yourself with the teen by knocking out that birthday stuff. You win.:)


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