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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

brusha, brusha, brusha

the bean is back to normal! yay! and to celebrate, she got to play with her very first set of crayons. they're in cute little holders designed for toddlers to get a good grasp on 'em.

she's actually played with some before - restaurants always give her a set when we go out to eat, and she's come home with green and blue teeth in the past. heh. anyway, it's wonderful to have my happy, shiny baby back.

i made jessica's favorite recipe for chocolate chip cookies again. i think this is my very favorite too - it's been my go-to recipe for the last several batches. i pretty much have it memorized. the wans' cookie jar is rarely empty.

the bean and i watched the laker game together. she was highly amused at my antics, shouting and cheering and gesturing towards the tv. i'd chant "kobe! kobe! kobe!" and she would mimic me, chanting in her own babble and doing a little hop. it was pretty funny.

and during halftime, i got her ready for bed and then busted out her brand new toofbrush.

she's pretty familiar with a toothbrush, although she's used to her daddy's electric one. so she checked it out for a bit before shoving it in her mouth.

then she decided it would be best to stand in the sink while she did her bidness.

"how YOU doin'?"

"this thing doesn't taste like anything."

"ah, screw it. i'll make mom happy and just do it."

she liked it so much, she decided to keep on brushin'. in the living room.

and then figured she'd check if the other end was any more fun.

i tried to get her to show me her clean pearly whites when she was done, but she was pretty coy about it.

before the third quarter was over, she was out like a light. and i had to cheer silently for the rest of the game.

go lakers!


  1. Hee! Yay for the happy Bean and hitting another milestone!

  2. whoa. that's a lot of teeth all of a sudden. no wonder she was so grumpy.

  3. Loving the title of this entry. :)

  4. I wish it was still acceptable for adults to wear one piece pajamas. Those are too cute!

  5. Our new favorite toy is the toothbrush!! Guess there are worse things!

  6. I love that she was standing in the sink!

  7. Love the jammies! I'm going to see if Mr. FGD will make those cookies for me, I mean us, soon. Yummers.

  8. EEEEEEEK, I really want to (gently) bite her cheekers!!!

  9. I wish we could get Thatdog as into the toothbrush as the Bean.

  10. Dude...I felt like I hit the jackpot when I found that cookie recipe! I'm so glad you love!

  11. Too cute!

    I must try that cookie recipe.

  12. hi! just wanted to let you know I tried the cookie recipie and my husband loves them. But, the next morning all of the cookies, as my kid put it, were "hard like rocks mom!". I was like oh great. I must have done something wrong. They taste good but, they're not as soft as the night before when I first baked them. :[

  13. I miss the days when simple things like brushing your teeth were fun.

  14. With the exception of the last 2 words, I <3 this post!


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