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Friday, April 17, 2009


so as i mentioned last week, the monkeys pointed the wans in the direction of free hotel rooms over the last couple of weeks. this weekend is the last of the special (and WeeMo has already blogged it anyway), so i've got the all-clear to post with a bit more detail.

the bonaventure is also rather proud of the fact that a bunch of movies have been filmed there.

the bean loved going past this fountain, shouting "buuuuub-ohhh!" every time.

the teen and her friend totally wanted to crash this place.

she settled for a bit of silliness instead.

the morning after stay #1.

taking a tip from the monkey, we headed to nickel diner for breakfast. we decided to walk,and although everyone else grumbled, i really didn't think it was that far away.

the inside featured really cute retro decor.

can you say "maple bacon donut"? i'd stuffed myself silly with spicy pork bbq hash, but i wasn't gonna pass up the chance to try this. i took it in a to-go box with the last of four red velvet donut holes we were given.

(btw, it wasn't all that fantastic. a basic donut with a light maple glaze, topped with bacon bits. it was good, but i was expecting something more awesome.)

for last weekend's stay, i managed to get a second room for my brother and o. and then the hub got his hands on four tickets to see the clippers at nearby staples center.

when we checked in, we got another room on one of the "preferred" levels. whee!

the room was exactly the same as the last, although in a different section of the tower.

and, the view was a bit different.

i didn't realize how close we were to the elevators until later that night, as i was changing into my pajamas and turned around to see that the drapes were wide open. oops. hopefully my pink boyshort-clad big ol' butt didn't offend anyone.

i was tempted to call housekeeping and ask for one of each of the things on the extensive list of crap they provided for free:

but i didn't. my brother and o headed over and we took off for the game.

we were awed at the spectacularly close seats we had. too bad it wasn't a laker game! and then we were amazed to find that the clippers were killing the competition. the clippers!

the bean was slightly less impressed.

the clippers spirit dance team. they changed outfits every ten minutes, it seemed.

but we were far more entertained by the clippers jr. jam squad. they were really good! even the bean enjoyed 'em.

and the game went on, shockingly with the clippers widening their lead even further.

as they prepared to play again after halftime, o and i were completely amused watching this player get stretched in the middle of the damn floor.

we finally decided to cut out of there a little early. the bean wasn't having it anymore, as she was teething and grumpy and tired. i was happy that the clippers actually won the game for a change.

the next morning, the hub had a meeting, so the rest of us got together and headed out to the nearby IHOP. my brother had a hankering for some german pancakes, and i was only too happy to go along with it. i must admit, though, i think mine are actually better. *gasp*

of course, i had some of this:

the still-teething and grumpy bean wanted nothing to do with any food.

on our walk back to the hotel, we came across the building that houses the offices where our parents met. we decided to take a cheesy commemorative photo - if not for this place, we wouldn't have ever known each other! and that would be a real tragedy.

the hub was already back from his meeting, and he was hungry. and you know me - i'm always game for food. hell, i'd already walked off my breakfast. haha! so we bid goodbye to my brother and o, and struck off for an old favorite:

it was lunchtime, and even on a sunday, this place was super busy.

the bean's patience ran out quickly, but she hung in there like a champ.

so we took our food to go, and ate it in the car on the way home. in doing so, we learned that it's the best way to get a bigger serving of lemonade than when we choose to dine while seated on one of their picnic-style tables.

after two weekends in a row of staying downtown, we blew off the chance at a free room for the last go-round of the special. but it was mucho fun!

thanks to mr. monkey, i now have my eyes peeled for more fun travel freebies! maybe we can have a fun, low-budget summer vacay. here's to hoping.


  1. I'm exhausted from your recap, I can only imagine how the bean felt.

  2. oh man, ditto ssinca on this one! I lost my breath halfway. hee hee.

  3. Ummmm, Philippe's...maybe next time for bunco...Yum!

  4. I felt the same way about Nickel Diner. It was good, but I expected so much better!

  5. Mmmmm....Philipe's!!! Looks like a great day!

  6. WTF!! When did Philippe's raise their prices?! Don't they know there's a recession?!?!

  7. I hope the Bean feels better soon! So so jealous of your adventures.

  8. I'm so jealous you got a room; no luck for us. I swear I could eat Philippes every week.

  9. That's a whole lot of yummy food going on there. :)

  10. You got to use that special to the full advantage. Awesome!


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