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Monday, April 6, 2009

my friends are enablers (and i love 'em for it)

i have random ass pictures from the last few days, so this is going to be quite a jumble of pictures and tidbits.

these are the fabulous tory burch revas that i inherited from a friend who decided she didn't like wearing flats. i wore them to the roy's extravaganza.

my friend MommyBelle took her kids to disneyland a week ago and was raving about the fantastic french toast they'd had during the character breakfast. she asked me to help her find a recipe, and i managed to find this one. of course, i had to try it myself.

such a bad idea. it IS fabulous - and i'm addicted. it's completely unhealthy, being fried in oil to make it crunchy and then covered in cinnamon sugar. but oh, is it delicious. i'm drooling again at the thought. and, um, i might have had some this morning.

speaking of unhealthy, the hub and i indulged in some blue-box macaroni & cheese the other night. i was mesmerized by the sheer orange-ness of the powder - it'd been a while since we had it.

it was rather chilly on friday, so i went rummaging through a box i have of the bean's clothes that we'd received as gifts that were different sizes. and i found this adorable outfit that i dubbed her "loungewear." it's a sweater and matching pants of soft, comfy organic cotton.

we went to costco with MIL on friday to pick up the grub for the hub's birthday bbq over the weekend, and while we were there, we picked up a big ass bag of chicken nuggets for the bean.

she was really happy to have her sister back home for the week.

i picked up the mail and was intrigued and overwhelmed with curiosity when i was handed a package by the clerk. i recognized the name and return address as my dear friend winnie, and i was totally excited to get it home and rip it open to see what it was.

and when i was finally able to open it, i squealed with glee at what i found inside, carefully packaged in bubble wrap:

i like to call it the italian version of pocky. well, i guess it's actually more of a yan yan kind of snack. either way, i'm super excited to eat it. it's NUTELLA, y'all! when god decided to give all of mankind a gift, he created nutella. this stuff is so.effing.good. and winnie was kind enough to send me two of these! i'm totally hoarding them and waiting for a special occasion to try it. i know, i'm a nut. but i'm savoring the knowledge that i even have them, and then when i finally deem a day worthy of cracking one of my precious nutella & go packs open, i'm going to eat it very, very slowly.

i think i may need therapy.


  1. You are so entertaining to me. I want those TB flats, but I don't think it's my fate. I also want that Nutella.

  2. I'm so glad you liked them :) I almost bought the Costco size double-jars of Nutella today. Are those chicken nuggets in the shape of . . . mickey mouse???

  3. Holy moly! Nutella Yan Yans! Where oh where can they be found???

  4. Yan Yans are delicious!! wooo!

    Mickey nuggets are cool too!!

    and the french toast looks just like it did at Disneyland, well minus the darker/burned parts :) Theirs was perfectly crisp and brown, of course!

    I love Disneyland!!!

  5. that blue box cheese looks...nuke-u-lar.

    i ate my nutella&go before i could photograph it. yay!

  6. Super cute shoes!

    That french toast is drool-worthy.

    Mickey shaped nuggets?! Awesome!

  7. I need another box of that nutella yan yans. Mr. Cee tried to swindle me out of my box. ha ha!

    EEEE, so glad you like the TB's. Look so much better on you.

  8. You crack me up with your snacks.

    I heart the bean's loungwear.


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