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Friday, April 17, 2009

thursday night hen party

when my friend MommyBelle invited me to join her bunco group as a sub for a regular player who couldn't make it, it took me a minute to figure out if i really wanted to do it. after all, bunco is such an old lady game! but i didn't have anything better to do, and she enticed me further by telling me that the bean was more than welcome to come along as there would be lots of other kids there.

so last night, i joined the hen party and had a great time. really! i've only ever played the game once before, but it wasn't hard to pick up. although i confess - the dice rolling part was easy enough for a kid to figure out (one of the other players' daughters was helping her play), but i never did get the hang of which table i was supposed to move to whenever i "won" or "lost." yeah, yeah, i'm lame.

there were yummy eats from baja fresh:

MB's "ghetto salad":

she also realized that it was a great way to recycle leftover easter goods.

at the sight of this giant bucket of age-appropriate toys, the bean made herself comfy.

tools of the trade:

and this is completely unrelated, but it's an awesome inside joke between me and MB. just put up with it, you can scroll past it really fast.

the kids all had a great time too, between watching "cars" on the flat screen, running upstairs to be supervised by mr. MB (who'd managed to get himself roped into babysitting duties despite receiving an offer for free dodger tickets that night), and sneaking candy. by the time we left, the bean was fully exhausted - it'd been a long day, starting with that traumatic doctor's appointment - and passed the eff out in the car on our short drive home.

it's still totally a game for old biddies. the hens gather 'round, munch on food, and cluck over the latest gossip. comical. but it was fun to get out and hang out with a bunch of girls.

even if i didn't win any cash. pfffft.


  1. Now that is sweet! Yay to Mr MB for being the Hero (babysitter). I don't think I would have passed up those tickets!

    The food looks good too! Sounds like you had a great time.

  2. hey, sometimes the old lady games are tons of fun!

  3. Hmmmm....I don't think I can get into Bunco. Seems too complicado for me. I'm AOK with the food and drink part though!

  4. I like Hen Party way better than Biddies!

    He's a good boy most of the time ;)

    Oh, I am so telling him that there's a picture of the god sent power juicer on here...he's gonna be so mad :) it's like one of the kids! Ha!

  5. Ha ha haha, I forgot the ghetto salad and government cheese!!!

  6. I definitely feel like Bunco is an old lady game...but I feel that way about mahjong!

  7. Confession: I have no idea what Bunco is :(

  8. Check plus on recycling the Easter goodies!

  9. I joined in a Bunco one night. Those ladies have a good ole time. There was plenty of booze and food to go around. Guess it depends on the crowd. :)


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