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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

veggies are unamerican

we had the hub's birthday bbq on saturday at the grandparents' house, which is blessedly nearby. they're always willing to host GTGs, because that means less traveling for them, and considering they have the hub's 94-year-old great-grandma in tow, this is always a good thing.

the bean's been over there enough times to get nice and comfy with their floor plan. she's figured out how to maneuver herself up and down the two little stairs that connect the foyer to the living room and family rooms, and she loves to clap her hands and cheer for herself whenever she successfully climbs up and down them. it's comical.

i couldn't help but laugh at the different expressions i managed to capture here:

the teen was bored as hell.

grandma makes the best potato salad that ever was.

and here are the veggie burgers that FIL grudgingly grilled up ("here's your plate of unamerican burgers," he said):

just to spite him, i decided to forego the "real" burgers and helped the teen, my brother, and o in outnumbering the meat eaters at the table. the funniest part was when great-gram unknowingly served herself one of the veggie patties, took a bite, and asked me "what kind of meat is this??" haha!

everyone laughed at me as i dressed up my veggie burger. kind of defeated the purpose, i suppose.

whatever. it was tasty and i had a full serving of veggies.

the bean helped herself to one of my pieces of bacon, after inhaling almost a whole hot dog. my little meat eater.

not having seen each other for months and months, o finally got her chance to ask the teen to be part of the bridal party. yay! she's gonna be a junior bridesmaid and walk the flower girl bean down the aisle.

outside, my brother bonded with the bean.

the teen's a supermodel.

dessert was cheesecake and the hub's all-time favorite, french apple pie from marie callender's. there were also some yummy chocolate-dipped cookies too, courtesy of my brother and o.

when the bean decided to stretch out on the kitchen floor, we knew it was time to go.

little did she know, the night was far from over.


  1. Hahaha I love how you added bacon to your VEGGIE burger. That's so you.

  2. What a great family day. Makes me a touch homesick.

  3. I love dutch apple pie. It's the only pie I'll eat!

    I love veggie burgers and often order them at casual dining places. I've always wanted to ask for bacon on top, but I've never been able to bring myself to surpass the embarrassment of asking for it. Hahahaha.

  4. I'm crying that you put bacon on a veggie burger!

  5. what. bacon on a veggie burger sounds hella good! i might just start eating them again. thanks for the suggestion!

  6. Why bother with veggie burgers?


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