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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

sleeping in someone else's bed

it is good to be friends with the monkeys. the monkeys always find out about the coolest travel deals and know all the best places to eat and stuff.

mrs. monkey (aka WeeMo) e-mailed me late last week to share a ridiculously awesome deal at a local hotel. knowing that it was the hub's 30th birthday week and that i was trying to figure out something cool to do on the cheap, she obtained special permission from mr. monkey to share it with me. and i'm sworn to secrecy, because there are still free rooms to be had. we don't want to have to battle it out with yous guys, you dig?

sadly, i was too late to score one of the free rooms, so i moved ahead with the original plan for operation birthday dinner instead. and as you saw, it was quite successful!

and then, the twist: turns out that those crazy monkeys managed to book an even crazier deal for a fun weekend away, which meant that they wouldn't be around to use that free room on saturday night. you can guess what happened next!

after the birthday bbq, we sped home to pack a bag, scoop up one of the teen's buddies to be her partner in crime, put the bean in jammies, and off we went to our home for the night. we drove around in circles, looking for street parking that was free by that time - to no avail. after checking prices with the closest parking garages, we found that they were all pretty much the same price as simply valet parking at the hotel, and so that's what we ended up doing.

these pictures are slightly similar to the monkey's (hers, as always, being much better quality), but that's okay.

no, they're not spooning in that picture. the teen wanted me to clarify that if i posted it.

the next morning, the bean, the teen and i were the first ones up.

i don't know how the hub continued to sleep through the giggling, but he did.


i made a cup of coffee for the teen, who dug the starbucks paraphernalia but deemed the coffee as too strong. the two creamers and two sugars, plus a sweet 'n low weren't enough.

i really want to talk about our breakfast, but i can't. too much detail. oh, well.

but look (yes, parking was $32)!

effing sweet. many thanks to mr. and mrs. monkey!


  1. Friggin awesome deal and a great way to spend a staycation.

  2. JealousE. You did a great job on the birthday celebration.

  3. My pics are point-and-shoots!

    Your pics totally > my pics!

    Glad you guys enjoyed it. :)

  4. Score! And can I say that the Bean's diaper hiked up like that cracked me up.

  5. That coffee was pretty strong. ;) Yay for nearly free nights out!


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