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Monday, April 27, 2009

emo bean

my poor little misera-bean was teething all. weekend. long. ugh.

until easter weekend (which she spent grumpily teething, too), we'd been lucky - she hadn't been sick even once in her little life. [knocking on wood] no ear infections, colds, coughs, barfing. she rarely even had spit-up issues when she was really little. and the only time we'd given her any kind of medication was before doctor's appointments - a little tylenol to help ease the pain of those nasty shots. quite a healthy little bean she was.

and then on saturday morning, she woke up cranky and hot as all hell. she was fighting a fever, super clingy, didn't want to eat a thing, and missed her morning poop! TMI, i know, and she'll kill me for that one day, but the bean is uber regular. like freaking clockwork.

when she was able to fall asleep, she looked so sweet and peaceful.

as you can see, today's visual aids are black and white, to emphasize the emo-ness.

but when she woke up, i got this:

and this:

then we got in the car to head over to the grandparents' for dinner, and she was the queen of silly faces.

the tylenol and homeopathic teething meds must've kicked in during the ride, too, because she turned it on when we got there.

she even sat down and folded her hands to pray before the meal was served.

i peeked in her mouth and spied the problem - a ginormous molar popping through her red, angry gums way in the back. poor little thing.

i just want my shiny, happy baby back. please? soon? kthxbai.


  1. Poor Bean :( Hope she's feeling better soon!

  2. Ouch! I was teething last week too. One of my wisdom teeth was coming in. And considering how much it freakin' hurt me I feel really bad for the babies that are teething.

  3. I know she is all sad in the teary-eyed pics, but dang, she is still so freaking adorable!!

    H+P that she's back to her shiny happy self in no time!

  4. poor bean! hope she feels better!

  5. Emo Bean should wear her skinny jeans.

  6. I remember when my wisdom teeth came in - those things hurt like a mother! poor bean;(

  7. It makes me sad to see the bean unhappy! I hope she feels better soon.

    (though admittedly "emo bean" made me laugh really hard)

    (and i swear if you start posted about poop on fb . . . i will turn you in)

  8. Holey crap the poor baby look MIZ in those pictures! I hope it ends soon.

  9. Have you tried rubbing brandy on her gums yet?

  10. Even when she's grumpy she's cute.


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