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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

just like riding a bike

getting back in the game was easier than i thought it would be.

and lucky for me, there's a coffee bean just across the street from my new office! score! but, true to our downsizing/saving vow, i'm restricting myself to a once-a-week treat. CBTL's stuff is so much more delicious than starbucks, so i'm pretty excited. see, it's the little things.

when i pulled in, i was amused/impressed at the car parked next to me.

of course, my little 4-hour-a-day gig won't get me a bentley, but it's cool to park next to one. heh. for the price of one of those things, i could have more than half a dozen pri-yes..es (pluralizing that is a little tricky).

the job itself is cake. i almost feel like a thief accepting the pay for what i'm doing. of course, it's a new office and everything is new and not quite set up, so i'm not exactly stepping into a well-oiled machine or anything, but i like it that way. i can set things up and get it all organized my way, without having to redo anything. sweet!

look, swanky potty:

i would be lying if i said i didn't miss the bean every nanosecond i was gone, though. as soon as my four hours was over, i was speeding home (not caring that i was killing my super duper average mpg) and walked in the door just as MIL was picking her up from a nice 2-hour long nap. excellent! it was an easy morning for them both, and now she was ready to play with me. so when MIL left, i packed her up and we went to the park.

i think that the few hours i'm separated from her only makes me appreciate our time together more. so this part-time-work idea looks like it's going to be a good thing...for a while, anyway.

i forgot to share a few fun pics from over the weekend. after an hour of playing at the park, we went to barnes & noble to look at books. her favorite these days is the very hungry caterpillar, and she was entranced by this giant version of it:

it's almost bigger than she is, yes?

while perusing other books, she found a stuffed caterpillar that went with her favorite story.

when she was over the books, we trotted over to the DVD/CD section, and she listened to some music.

and this is totally unrelated, but i think it's funny - the grizzly cafe, which is where we go for dinner out up in wrightwood, is half-cafe, half gift shop. the shop is crammed full of all sorts of knick-knacky shit. you know the kind of stuff i'm talking about. and while we waited for a table, the bean decided to go check things out. do you love the hat?

okay, that's all i got.


  1. Very cute.

    Mr. Monkey's boss has a couple Bentleys. We saw him at the auto show. We took photos. He considered buying the cars.

    Different lives.

  2. The last picture is too cute. Four hours go by so quickly. Think of it as a practice for you before the Bean heads off to pre-school :)

  3. Happy First Day on the New Job! I think I need to get one of those once I have my baby :(

  4. Thumbs up for a swanky potty and CBTL. You've got to try the NSA vanilla tea lattes when you feel like being healthy (or not!)

  5. Hooray for work!
    I'd have to work 3 lifetimes to afford a Bentley.

  6. Glad the job is a breeze so far! Also, I'm more impressed by the bathroom than with the Bentley. =) Love the pics of the Bean, as always!

  7. cbtl-yum.
    caterpillar-my favorite from childhood.
    bean in headphones with small paul on-too cool for school.

  8. I'm glad the job is good so far! it will be even nicer when it's payday. ;)

  9. I am absolutely addicted to CBTL's honeydew tea latte.

  10. Bentleys are so swanky. <3

    Love the bean's hair all pulled back like that. It's really cute and I'm sure cool for summer.


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