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Thursday, May 7, 2009

she's half the dog she used to be

two things - the wans are car shopping and i'm super stuck on a toyota prius or a honda insight. i love the idea of a hybrid - spending $40 a week on gas is killing me, and i dig the idea of helping to save the environment as much as i can. vote in my lame ass poll, would ya?

and, i created a facebook page for pink paper designs. yay! it's pretty bare bones at the moment, but if you facebook, become a fan!

day before yesterday was minimum day for the teen, so we picked up her friend rock-el and headed to the mall. rock-el wanted to look at dresses for promotion, while the teen had some honor roll money from the ILs burning a hole in her pocket. heh.

when the bean got tired of sitting in the stroller, the girls headed to h&m while i took her to the playground. at first, she was content to sit on the bench with me and just watch.

but it didn't take long before she decided to venture out and check things out.

she really digs tunnels these days.

then she found a cool car:

but she was quickly joined by a fellow car aficionado.

"this is boring. there's all sorts of other fun stuff to play with. come on, let's go!"

"ugh. you're not listening to me. peace!"

"finally! i've got the car all to myself. i thought he'd never leave."

yesterday morning, i decided it would be a good idea to make a breakfast burrito for the teen, so she'd be ready for her second day of star testing. and after that was done, i was hit with a craving for some eggs, sunny-side up.

breakfast of champions!

the teen's BFF's mom had called us a couple of weeks ago to see if we'd be interested in a gig taking photographs of their new granddaughter. obviously, we're no pros, but we thought it would be fun, plus it'd add to the teen's portfolio. so yesterday, since it was minimum day for the teen again, we headed out for the photo shoot. i'm not posting them here, because 1. it's not my child and i didn't get permission to, and 2. if anyone deserves to post them, it's the teen. she took the majority of the shots and got a bunch of really nice ones. but of course, we both took a handful of shots of the bean. come on, we had to.

and yes, heffas, i know she's better with the camera than i am. that's how it should be - it's her dream, after all. i'm just...well, a wan-nabe. ha!

after we were all done, we decided to head down to alfred angelo to try on the bridesmaids' dress that my future SIL o had chosen. of course, they only had samples in two sizes - both too big for us. although the teen's looks much better on her than it does on me. i hope that the proper size won't make me look like such a friggin' whale.

just down the street and around the corner was dsw shoe warehouse - and i was convinced we'd be able to find some shoes to go with the teen's promotion dress. i was bummed to find that their selection wasn't as extensive as i remembered it to be, but she managed to find a pair in the clearance racks that she liked. they kind of remind me of dorothy's ruby slippers:

she has yet to try them on with the dress, but i dig 'em. they're sparkly and shiny and pink-y! the bean, who was sticky sweaty from the warmth of the day, stripped off her dress and tried them on for herself.

thanks to oprah and a link from one of my favorite cousins, we'd picked up two free meals from KFC - a promotion for their new grilled chicken. the teen had leftover veggie yakisoba, and the bean ate some of our chicken, which turned out to be quite tasty. i don't know if i'd necessarily pay for it, but it was damn good for free! i'd link you to the coupon, but you had to have printed it by midnight last night. sorry. i've got two more that i can use in the next week, though. i'll enjoy it in your honor.

the teen managed to talk the hub and the bean into taking her to the nearby shopping center "to soak up some free a/c and find some shorts to wear." i opted to stay home so that i could lounge around in my underwear and my OG #8 kobe lakers jersey, eat some chex mix, and watch the game. yahoo!

alas, it was not to be. the teen couldn't find her money anywhere - she scoured her room, the car, the apartment, the bean's play house - and came up empty. she was super bummed - "i have nothing to wear to school tomorrow, mom!" so they ended up staying home after all. so much for my alone time with the lakers and my chex mix.

luckily, she found the cash this morning. in her backpack. which i told her to check last night. but she was so grumpy that she either ignored me or just checked half-assedly. pwah!

before i forget, i MUST share this with you. we took the mollydog for a bath and haircut yesterday, and asked the groomers to cut her hair as short as they could. she had some gnarly knots in there because she's such a wiggleworm, and besides, it's getting hot and it'd be good for her. i also figured it would last a while and she wouldn't get as stinky so quickly.

i about died of laughter when i went to pick her up and saw the results:

where the hell is the rest of my dog? i dropped off a mollydog and picked up...just mol.


  1. Some thoughts:
    1. Although Hondas are super reliable, I think Toyotas are more so. I say Prius.
    2. I'm loving the Bean in that cute green dress. What a great color on her. I wish it came in my size.
    3. Why is your bacon all scrunched up? Weird.
    4. Your bridemaid dress colors are reminiscent of Shamu. Other than that, you have NOTHING in common with a whale. You speak nonsense.
    5. Love the Teen's new shoes. I want those too!
    6. Please do not speak ever again of the tragedy that is Kentucky Grilled Chicken. KGC? Really? I weep for all chickens everywhere who will never have the opportunity of becoming what chicken truly should be. Battered and fried. Amen.

  2. Lurker coming out of the wood work here... I work for Motor Trend Auto Shows and if you have your heart set on a hybrid, don't leave out the Ford Fusion Hybrid for 2010... It's seriously good and even a little bigger than the Prius and Insight, but still gets 43 mpg. Just thought you'd want to know...

    Love the blog, found it on the nest.

  3. I vote Prius -- much better gas mileage I think.

    You guys both look cute in the BM dresses!

    Love "Mol." At least she will be cool in the summer? :)

  4. The Teen MUST try out for a photographer for yearbook next year. She'd have so much fun.

    I haven't been inside either car, but I think Honda's have better interior features on the whole, whereas Toyotas are SO simple. Obviously, that's not the priority, but it's the part you see everyday. Also, I can't see out of the back of hybrids. Just me?

  5. I don't mean to sound anti-environment, but....information regarding hybrid vehicles is extremely misleading.

    For what you'd be saving in gas by driving one, you're making up for with the decimation of the Earth caused by their highly toxic batteries, which travel through four countries (hello, that is a LOT more fuel consumption than if you'd driven a regular car!) during manufacturing and leave a barren wasteland with a thirty mile radius near where their components are mined. In fact, they're so toxic, nothing will grow near the area AND unlike regular car batteries, hybrid batteries will NEVER decompose. Ever. Never, ever. Not my way of thanking Mother Earth, personally.

    Lastly, if you're looking to save money, the dealer needs to be honest with you regarding the cost to replace said Earth-proliferation batteries. Whereas a standard abttery might cost you a few hundred to buy and install, these batteries cost small fortunes, sometimes ranging in the thousands. Part of the reason for this is because the likelihood of someone elctrocuting themselves while installing it is very high, and thus only certain mechanics will replace them and you need extra schooling (read: cost) to be certified to work on those vehicles. I.E. Your cost to maintain it will be higher, too.

    I don't want you to think I am bullying or trying to deter you, I just feel angered by seeing so many people mislead about the true ramifications of the vehicle's components and long-term associated costs.

  6. I voted prius, but what do I know?

  7. poor pup!

    i voted the last option. ;). because i might be getting nanners' ride very soon, and i'm jealous of your smaller, zippier choices. we need AWD/4WD on this new ride. boo!

  8. I absolutely love MD's new 'do.

    I absolutely hate that the sample sizes were soooo big on you. Yes, hate.

  9. Prius. Giggles has one, and she is the smartest person I know, aside from my brother.

  10. my thoughts for the day:

    1. Where's the CRV option??? I'm still a bit hesitant about purchasing a hybrid. According to BroCee, he thinks you'll end up paying waaay more in the long run on maintenance.
    2. I dig the Dorothy shoes. I want a pair.
    3. Don't worry, the rest of molly dog will grow back in a couple of weeks. Before you know it, you'll get half of her again. I'm still digging her ponytail.

    side note. have u seen the Kia Soul commercial w/ the hamsters?? Omg, I was driving one day, pulling to a stop at a red light. Saw the car IRL, inside were two small Asian dudes. Started cracking up b/c they reminded me of the hamsters driving and bouncing around in the car. They saw me laughing, prob thought I was nuts.

  11. 1. I love how goofy dogs look when they first get their "summer cut" as it was referred to in my house.
    2. Umm, are you smoking crack? Because you do not look like anything resembling a whale. You and the teen are going to look awesome in those dresses.
    3. Can folks our age get away with Dorothy slippers? Because I totally want a pair now.

  12. 1. Prius.
    2. I love, love, love the 2nd picture of the bean in the green dress!
    3. You both look fine in the BM dress. It'll look way more flattering when you're not taking the picture pointing dow :-P
    4. I dig the shoes! So cute.
    5. Mollydog looks . . . tragic. Hahahahahaha. Sorry, Molly. Just too funny. Poor thing. But hey, I'm sure she feels cooler with all that fur gone.

  13. I'm with CageGirl on this one - one of my friends wrote for Auto World, then Car and Driver, then the auto section of Wall Street Journal and now Business Week. He's the first person I talk to about cars and when my mom decided 2 months ago she wanted a new car, he walked me through the options out there since she wanted something environmentally friendly. He totally trashed both cars you're looking at - apparently those in the auto industry aren't fooled by the "environmental" claims of these cars and think that they're not going to be around much longer. They're looking at diesles and biofuels to replace them in the next couple of years. As Cage Girl pointed out - the batteries for these cars are terrible for the environment, both the manufacture and disposal.

  14. Hahaha Molly! Poor pup! And please, you hardly look like a whale - both of you look really nice in those dresses. Also, I'm wondering if they make that green Bean dress in adult sizes, adorable. I'll reserve comment on that yellow and purple thing you're wearing, btw. ;-)

  15. Please - you don't look like a whale!

    The bean is too cute in that dress and hairdo.


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