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Friday, May 29, 2009

bubbles, brothers, and (still) being bad

the bean and i spent day two of "mommy and me" time just chillin' at the casa. she'd gone to storytime at the library with her grandma, and when i walked in the door she'd just fallen asleep. after sitting quietly for the stories and songs, then running amok in the children's section, coloring, and playing with the toys, they went home and had some lunch, and she passed out cold on the couch not long afterwards. she's far from being a difficult child anyway, but i'm really glad she's making it so easy for MIL during this first week.

having missed her like mad and a little bummed that she was knocked out (as usual, i'm super sappy mom, shut up), i sat next to her as she slept and ate my ginormous pastrami sandwich that MIL thoughtfully brought for me from the hat. she'd also picked up a coke to go with it, which i was sucking down like there was no tomorrow until i remembered my vow from the previous day to abstain from soda for a couple of days. oops. well, i'd already fucked it up with the gastronomical concoction i was plowing through, so i figured, eh, whatever. i could (and should have) seriously have stopped eating after i polished off the first half, but nooooo. i just kept on going. ha!

when she finally woke up, she rubbed her eyes, got a nice big stretch in, sat up, and held her little arms out to me. i love when she does that.

and we cuddled for a while before she decided it was playtime, and thrust the bubble wand at me. "buuuu-bowwwww. mom! buuuu-boowwwww!"

then i subjected her to another mini-photo shoot.

later, as i perused my facebook page, a picture of the teen's most favorite boys on the face of this earth caught my eye. their next webcast was scheduled for later that afternoon, and although the teen wasn't around, i decided to check it out.

i sent the teen a text message to see if she was watching, and although she doesn't have facebook, she was indeed tuned in. so [sappy mom alert #2] i continued to watch, feeling as though i were a little closer to her as we sat 25 miles apart and viewed the same thing at the same time. the bean, playing close by, heard the music playing and trotted right over to check things out. she got really excited when she saw the jonas brothers on the screen. "oooooooh!" she breathed.

and then she stared, entranced, for a few minutes before climbing up onto my lap to watch the rest of the webcast with me. the entire hour, folks. hilarious.

after i got her down for the night, i decided it was a great time to have some ice cream. then i remembered the delectable-looking ben & jerry's treats i'd picked up the day before, and i scurried right over to the freezer and pulled one out.

it was a complete dessert, meant to be flipped over and served upside-down. i wondered how that would work out, since it was frozen and stuck inside a paper cup, but those clever folks at ben & jerry's thought of everything: they'd placed a little perforated circle on the bottom of the cup. i poked my finger through, slid the whole concoction out onto a paper plate, and pulled off the cardboard circle that covered the top. or bottom. whatever.

this is "flipped out": peanut butter ice cream with peanut butter swirls throughout, topped with chocolate sauce and fudge chips, all sitting on a layer of brownie chunks. oh mah gah, it was fantastic.

so much for that 30-day shred. pwah!


  1. the bean is adorable. makes me miss my own at that age.
    must find ben & jerry treats! my mouth is watering!

  2. she's too stinkin' cute. i saw those at the store yesterday and considered getting some but was good and didn't as the hubs and i are supposed to be getting fit. meh.

  3. gah, I need to stay away from those ben & jerry's things!

    as usual, pics of the bean are making me smile. ;)

  4. Ice creamy goodness!

  5. The Bean just looks like such a happy child :) Her smile is infectious, even over the internet. I MUST look for these Ben & Jerry's treats!!!

  6. I totally want to pinch her cheeks every time I see pics.

  7. I am almost about to jump out of my seat to run to the grocery store to get those flipped out things. Holy hell.

  8. holy moly that B&J thing looks delish. Now I will be on the hunt for that and hide it from everyone in the house. Pwahahaha!

  9. That Ben & Jerry's thingy looks awesome! Mmmm!

  10. The b&j's thing looks amazing! Yum!


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