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Friday, May 22, 2009

she works hard for the money. not.

craigslist is quite an interesting site. you can find everything under the sun and more - baby gear, a new apartment, focus group openings, a blow job. well, that last bit is always listed in barely-disguised code, but come on - when you post half-nekkid pictures in the "erotic" section and offer "outcalls", what the hell else could you be talking about?

but in my case, i seem to have landed myself a pretty sweet part-time gig.

i know, i know - i've been all about "SAHM4lyfe" and "SAHM por vida." i know. and i'm actually kinda torn about this whole thing, but i confess that this economy has taken quite a bite out of my fun money. like, the mani/pedi over the weekend was a big ass splurge that a year ago would have been part of my normal routine. i sat back and luxuriated in that soft, comfy spa pedicure chair and lamented the old days, when i took such things for granted.

and there are too many pros vs. cons in this deal. the job itself sounds super easy, and a great way to force my lazy ass to get up in the morning. not to mention, it's a whopping four hours a day, and the hourly rate is pretty decent. the office is really close to home, and i can suck up some free a/c while keeping busy and productive. and, it'll give the bean a breather from me. hell, the poor thing's been subjected to me all up in her grill 24/7 since she was born! plus, it'll be easier for me to run quick errands before or after work, like picking up the mail or dropping off drycleaning. and the hours are totally sweet - 8:30 to 12:30. the teen'll have longer days at summer school than i will at work! she's even offered to hang out with the bean while i'm gone, once school lets out. how sweet - they're so gonna bond.

i was browsing online for cute shoes and office-appropriate apparel earlier, and i can't get my mind off of the new massage joint that opened nearby. and i'd love to take the girls to disneyland this summer at some point, too. not to mention, i could really use a new pair of sunglasses. i never did get those last year.

is it really wrong that i'm already spending my paychecks even before i've started the job?


  1. It's wrong if the purpose of your working is to earn a bit more income for your family.

    It's not wrong if the sole purpose of your working is to make your own fun money.

  2. 4 hours a day plus lots of extra fun money sounds heavenly.

  3. what weemo said. my part-time money is the latter, but it's not really quite enough. :(

    4 hours a day, consistent schedule, close to home all sounds awesome.

  4. I need a job like that! I don't know how I'll feel about leaving the baby though. But yeah this economy is not helping my Stay at Home Mom situation what.so.ever. And who the heck can afford to send their childrens to day care/preschool on top of that. Whatever I would be making would go to that. So what's the point? No fun money for me :(

  5. I think this will be a great change of pace for you, or at least it's worth a try to see if it is. Good luck and I hope you let us know how it goes!

  6. I can't wait to hear how your job turns out. Sounds like my dream job. Part time and stress free. Ahhhhhhhh

  7. Sounds like a good set up! And a big yay for spending money!


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