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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

better than fireworks

happy independence day!

with all the bbq'ing and cookouts going on today, it seems fitting to share something i finally got to try recently:  s'moreos.  oh, yes.  that's right.

well, i didn't actually do it properly as i didn't have any hershey's bars at home.  the horror!  but since i'm trying to keep my girlish figure, i guess that was a good thing.  heh.  and so here's what i used:

yup, i bought reduced fat oreos, suckas!  while that seems like total blasphemy, i have to admit that i honestly don't taste a difference between these and the regular ones.  of course, they're no double stuf, but that's okay.  and don't look up the nutritional information to compare - while these do have a bit less fat than the others, calorie-wise they're really not much different.  i wish i hadn't burst my little ignorance bubble by checking this out.  oh, well.

anyway, all i did was open my oreos, top each half with one of those stacker mallows (which are fabulous, by the way) and stick them under the broiler in my toaster oven for a couple of minutes.

so toasty and perfectly golden brown.  i smushed those bad boys together, took a bite, and found myself in marshmallowy heaven.

i think i may need to celebrate with one of these right now.  maybe two.  and hell, i think i have some hershey's kisses somewhere.  i'm going all out here, people.  happy birthday, america!

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  1. I gained 5lbs just reading this. Feel free to FedEx these across the freeway anytime.


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