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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

keep on truckin'

you may have noticed in that countdown ticker i've got going there to the right that my next half marathon is coming up quick.  like, a little too much so.  damn.  i've started my training, doing several short runs during the week and then a long run over the weekend.  and luckily, even an unexpected vacay didn't get in the way of my routine.

and i gotta say, staying on moonstone beach offered a pretty damn sweet course for me to run on.

i actually managed to cut my pace by a good 30 seconds per mile over here!  because i had no idea what the distance was from one end of the boardwalk to the other, i opted for a distance run on my nike+ app instead of plugging in the mileage i wanted to cover.  and i was pretty stoked to see that in 40 minutes, i managed to go 3.75 miles.  that's pretty darn good for the slowpoke that is me.

and then when i got back to the hotel, i dragged the teen outta bed and we hit the boardwalk for a training walk.  after all, we're going to be doing the equivalent of a marathon and a half for that avon walk in a couple of months.  just for fun, we headed down onto the beach for a portion of our walk via these stairs:

it was fun crunching our way down the beach, stomping over the bajillion little rocks along the way.

we had a good time, joking and giggling our way through about a mile and a half together.  i'm excited for the fun we're bound to have on that walk, dressed in tutus and tiaras.  i can hardly wait.

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