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Monday, July 30, 2012

solvang a problem

(no, there wasn't really a problem, i just wanted to use that post title. hardy har har)

our trip up the central coast was capped off with a stop in solvang.  like the hearst castle visit, it's just one of those things we have to do when we're in the area - even if it's just a quick pitstop for breakfast.  this time, we decided to hit up an area favorite:

we didn't have to wait too long before we were seated at a table on the patio.  and it only took a glance at the menu to decide what i wanted:

right next to us was one of solvang's many, many danish bakeries.  the ILs love these cookies, so MIL took the bean inside to pick up a bucket of 'em.

what is it with funhouse mirrors?  there was one here too.

and before we hit the road for the drive home, there was one more stop we had to make.  the hub and i took the teen here once before - on a crazy day trip we did when she was about 8 or so - and we all decided that it was the bean's turn to experience the fun.

we paid the admission, coughed up another buck for a bowl of ostrich grub, and then followed the signs to the viewing area.

this is super random, right?  i know.  but come on - with a 4-year-old in tow you sure wouldn't pass up the chance to check it out too.  and it was comical to watch her delighted expressions and hear her laugh in nervous excitement.

we ended up going back for another bowl of feed so we could do this:

while their neighbors looked on in disapproval.

i love my girls and all their silliness.

oh, and isn't it good to know that the folks who operate this ostrich and emu farm make good use of their valuable resources?

before you ask - no, i sure didn't buy any of that stuff.  i'm a sucker for a novelty, but i have my limits.


  1. We have no four-year-old, and we still went, in the rain no less.

    AND we got the sticks and jerky.

  2. I recently went to Ostrich Land too!!!!! In fact, that might or might not have been the major reason why we went to Solvang :) -- Emu Fan


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