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Monday, August 12, 2013

fix-ing my wardrobe

after resisting it for a long time, i finally gave in to my curiosity and signed up for stitch fix.

what's that, you say?  you don't know what that is?  well, it's one of those super fun subscription boxes - like birchbox or the goodies co.,  where they send you a package of products tailored to your preferences once a month.  except that instead of makeup samples or snacks, stitch fix sends you five pieces for your wardrobe.  you get three days to try it all on and decide whether or not to keep any of it, and if you choose to buy all five items, you get a 25% discount.  there's a $20 charge for each shipment, which gets applied to any purchase you make from that delivery, and you use the enclosed prepaid postage envelope to return the things you don't want.  so yeah, it can be a risk if you end up not liking anything.  but the questionnaire you fill out when you sign up is pretty extensive, and i'm sure it helps the stylists narrow down what kinds of things to send that'll be appealing to each recipient.

we're all familiar with how terrible i am at dressing and accessorizing myself.  i mean, i got slightly better when i started selling stella & dot, but still - i suck at picking up nice things to wear and putting them together to make a cute ensemble.  i suppose when one is a SAHM who shops at places like target and old navy on the regular, fashion isn't exactly one's forte, ya dig?  not that there aren't stylish things to be had from those places.  i'm just not good at it, is what i'm getting at.

my first shipment was okay.  i was pretty excited to crack it open when it arrived.  i really hoped alexandra got my shit right.

the first piece was a definite no.  i'm not into prints like this.

no matter how hard i try, i just never look good in button-down shirts like this.  plus this shade of blue isn't my favorite, so this was a dud too.

it got a little better with the next piece i pulled out.  i really liked the bright, happy color and these were super soft with a nice stretch to them, so i was sad to try them on and find that they just didn't do good things for my thighs.  it was just...bad.  and so into the return envelope these went too.

the last two pieces were winners, though.  these are versatile, comfortable, cute tops that i'll be able to mix and match to create several different looks.  yay!

when you've figured out what you want to do with the shipment, you jump onto the computer and review it.  there are questions to answer (how was the fit?  did you like the style?  keep, yes/no?) and a space to provide comments and feedback for each item.  then you pay for the items you want (less the $20 styling fee), mail back the ones you don't, and schedule your next "fix."

it seemed like forever until i got the email that told me my next shipment was on its way.  i was really excited to see what they'd send this time, and took my time opening the box so as to make it last longer.  yes, i am a dork.  this is not news.

the first thing i saw reminded me that i needed to go in and adjust my style profile to remove jewelry from my preferred items.  with my stella & dot stuff, i really don't need any more to add to my collection.  this necklace was cute, but not something i liked enough to keep.

clearly, the stitch fix people know that mint green is one of my favorite colors.  this cardigan was the third item in that shade they'd sent me.  and it's such a basic piece that taking a pass was an easy call to make.

another royal blue top - although i actually liked this one.  with the laser-cut accents and ruffles at the bottom and back, it was flattering and comfortable.  for $68, though...pass.

wrap dresses are classic.  i have a couple that i've worn quite a few times.  this one was really pretty on, and i liked the red and beige color combo.  but i really don't have anywhere to wear it, and it carried a $128 price tag.  that's a negative, ghostrider.

have i mentioned how much of a sucker i am for stripes and polka dots?  i was looking in my closet the other day and realized that most of my wardrobe consists of tops and dresses and skirts in those patterns.  and so this ended up being the one item i kept from this month's fix.  it'll transition nicely from summer to fall and winter, and can be easily dressed up or down.  winning!

i can't wait to see what comes next month.  tell me though, do you care enough for me to share what i get in the boxes?  let a sister know.  i sure don't want to bore you more than i already do.


  1. I like seeing what you're getting- I'm tempted to try it, but I, too, am a Target/Old Navy shopper and I am afraid I am much too cheap for Style Fix...any good deals or are they all $128-for-a-dress type items?

    1. they're actually not all big ticket items. that dress is the most expensive thing i've received thus far. prices are comparable to nordstrom's BP/savvy sections, i'd say. pretty much middle ground.

  2. I love it! The tops in your first fix are right up my alley, I love those! Those jeans are super cute too but I am still too shy to try neon on. I love that top you kept from your second box too. It's so cute and can easily be dressed up or down.


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