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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

yo ho, yo ho...

on our way home from one of her summer school field trips, the bean noticed something interesting outside.  "mommy, what's that?" she asked.

when i explained it to her, she totally lit up.  "so you get to eat dinner and watch a show...at the same time??" it was clearly a super amazing concept in her 5-year-old mind.  i'm pretty sure it's the same as medieval times, which is next door, except with pirates and minus the eating with hands thing.  anyway, i told her we'd go some day if she was interested.  and, well, duh.  she's 5.

lo and behold, not two days later i received an email that offered me a pretty decent groupon deal for the pirate's dinner adventure extravaganza.  when i mentioned it to the hub, who thought it would be something fun to do before school starts up again.  so i scooped up the deal for all four of us, and on a sunday evening, we found ourselves here.

it was just as cheesy and tacky (and money-grubby) as you'd imagine a place like this would be.  and with the price of our ticket we each scored a pirate bandanna and a string of beads.  whee!

just past the bar was a pretty extensive collection of souvenir-y pirate-themed crap.

don't you worry.  we let ourselves get suckered into a couple of things for the girls.

the bean got tired of her eyepatch pretty quickly.  guess who inherited it?

our tickets also included some hors d'oeuvres, which consisted mostly of a veggies and dip and an assortment of random tray-passed snacks.  there were mini tacos, some deep-fried mystery items, and these:

that is some fine grub right there.  meatballs in bbq sauce and ham & cheese on bread in an odd size and shape.  whatever.  i was hungry, so i ate it.

the preshow was silly and loud.  it also introduced us to "our" pirate - the dimwitted saxon.  he was the purple pirate...to match our bandannas.  clever, yes?

in the theater, we took our places in the purple section and settled in to watch the show.

soup and salad.  nothing memorable, but not bad.

the bean's kids' plate - the usual chicken nuggets with a side of mac & cheese.

we grown-ups had the choice between chicken and ham.

and then dessert was a brownie a la mode.

silly, cheesy, mildly entertaining show.

avast ye matey, don't forget to tip your server.

did you catch that?  ours was darrrrrrrrrla!


  1. Oh dear I was told not to go to this...it was not very good for the amount of money it cost. Sorry!

    1. hey, no worries. we had fun, and the groupon was a pretty good deal. at least we knew going in that it would be a cheesefest!


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