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Monday, August 5, 2013

sew much fun

remember waaaaay back when i tackled sewing an iPad sleeve with a matching cosmetic bag for one of my twirlies?  she recently hit me up to do another set to match a new bag she'd just ordered from jump from paper:

it'd been quite some time since i'd last fired up the ol' sewing machine.  hell, i was wondering if i still remembered how to turn the damn thing on.  and yet once i got started, it was just like riding a bike - all came back to me like it'd just been yesterday.

instead of using fabric with a color-coordinated print on it, i thought it would be fun to create the pieces using solid color blocks.  although i must say, working on this project gave me a fat ass craving for some candy corn.  see?

i was a little bummed that the tutorial i'd used for the cosmetic case was no longer available.  figures, huh?  but i'm a crafty chick.  using this tutorial and tweaking it a little to use velcro instead of a zipper, i ended up with this:

they look pretty good together, yes?  i was pretty pleased with how it all turned out.

happily, so is my friend.  yay!

and since i was on a roll, i decided to throw something quick and easy together.  the teen and i had found this pre-shirred, pre-hemmed fabric at joann's, and picked it up to make a dress for the bean.

like, seriously - it comes like that by the yard.  all i had to do was measure, cut, and sew.  voila!  instant gratification at its best, people.

and because there was just enough on the bolt beyond the yard i'd requested to have cut to make another dress in a smaller size, the teen suggested that i take advantage of the half-off discount and present the bean's BFF mini cee with a matching one.  great idea!

i'd say they're pretty excited to be twinsies for real.

now i'm all fired up to get started on more sewing projects.  i'd forgotten how much fun it is - and now i can scour through my extensive pinterest board for things to do.  let the creative juices flow!


  1. What did you use for the straps? I started a dress like that for my daughter but never finished because I wasn't sure what to use for them.

    1. like mommy belle says, ribbon works great. although for these i didn't have the color i wanted so i used some bias tape instead. sewed it all down the open end and then attached to the dress. easy peasy!

  2. I use ribbon for the straps, works perfect. Then they can be tied to fit too.
    Jen, got a stack of projects for you...come down here and get to work, we'll start our very own sweat shop ;)


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