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Thursday, September 11, 2014


i was asked to do some basketball cookies last week, which gave me the chance to try something i'd seen on sugarbelle's website a while ago.  i'd kept the idea in the back of my head, and now that i had my handy-dandy airbrush, i could finally give it a shot.

first, a trip to joann's for a bit of nylon tulle and an embroidery hoop.  luckily, this was a relatively inexpensive acquisition.

then, i baked up some simple round cookies and frosted them in orange.

now for the fun part - the airbrushing.

since i was doing this in the evening, it wasn't particularly noticeable after i was all done.  poop.

but when i added the black line details and looked at them under a brighter light...

do you see it?  the texture of the tulle created that cool looking beehive-ish pattern on the surface of basketballs.  now, i realize that my frosting was probably a little too dark, and had it been a couple of shades lighter the airbrushing would have been a lot more prominent.  oh well, live and learn.  they still looked pretty good, and my friend seemed pretty happy with them when i brought them over.

i really need to get in more practice with this airbrush.  i'm still not entirely happy with the results i'm getting.  i kind of wonder if it's because i don't use royal icing, like most cookie folks do.  but again, i'm not about to switch, so there's that.  i'll just have to keep trying.


  1. I still think you did an excellent job!

  2. They look nice! Royal icing didn't win you a blue ribbon, so don't switch it up. You just need some practice.


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