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Thursday, September 18, 2014

really, really, really, REALLY bad birthday poetry

you know, i'm always excited to say
"hey yo, guess what?  today's my birthday!"
it's totally my most favorite time of year,
and i'm super stoked that it's finally here.
getting old ain't as bad as you might think
and hey, i get to have a free starbucks drink!

it may be hotter than the ninth circle of hell,
but it is what it is.  i mean...oh, well.
what else can i do? it's a day all for me,
i'm gonna make the most of it, you'll see.
so off to the happiest place on earth i'll go
and i know you're sitting there in shock.  like, whoa!
yeah, i'll be sweating my ass off like mad
but it'll still be disneyland, and that's totally rad.
i'm so excited, i think i might pee
'cuz it ain't all that bad to be turning 43!


  1. Happiest of days to you at the happiest place on Earth!

  2. Hey, you can have a nice birthday dinner for free today at Hennessey's here in MB!
    Just the right day! :)

  3. LOL, that poetry wasn't bad! It should be a little cooler today! Have a great time at one of your favorite places on earth and have fun celebrating you!

  4. Happy Birthday, wanamama. You're so cute and are looking fab at 43.

  5. Happy Birthday. Hope you have an awesome day.


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