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Thursday, December 10, 2015

that pixie's still at it

oh, that pixie.  with the holiday season well underway, she's been up to all sorts of crazy shenanigans that the bean still looks forward to finding every morning.  every. single. morning.

use the force, pixie.  use the force.

she managed to find her way to our stash of halloween candy.  i don't blame her.  we still have a ton of good stuff in there.

some days, she just hangs around.

this time, she found herself in quite a sticky situation.  you'd think she could've at least picked up after herself, though.  sheesh.

she was super proud of her new t-shirt and struck her best pose for the camera.

picnic time at pixie's playhouse.  poor lord vader.  meanies don't get cupcakes.

and i don't even know WHAT happened here.  she left us a festive wall decoration and then apparently took a tumble.  lay off the eggnog, pixie.

how many more days until christmas??

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  1. Pixie and her shenanigans! I did see her hanging around that day.


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