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Monday, December 7, 2015

the tenth twirl

i did it!  i managed to fit into my dress a full decade after the wedding!

and i'm not the only one.  the hub, who's been participating in a weight loss challenge at the lounge, has got himself down to his original wedding weight.  wait, check that - on the morning of our anniversary, he stepped onto the scale and found himself a solid TEN pounds under his goal.  that's...pretty awesome.

the crazy amount of fun we had on our actual anniversary deserves its own post, and besides, i know what you want to see first.  and if you don't know the story behind the twirl...well, there really isn't one to tell.  it all started on our first anniversary while the hub was at work and i decided i wanted to put my dress on to see if it still fit.  and then, for no apparent reason, i set up the camera on top of the tv and did this:

it's ridiculous, i know.  and then for our second anniversary, i must've been so thrilled to fit back into the dress two months after having the bean that i didn't twirl at all.  so i must've gotten some backlash from my friends or something for it because i apparently promised to do it again the next year.  and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again.  you get it.

so here it is...twirl 10.0:

how many years can i keep this going?  i guess we'll have to see.


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